Colombo Clubbing 2010

The year is almost at the end. And if your my age and in similar social circles you’ll be hitting the clubs a minimum of once every fortnight. Or twice a week if your really as bad. I’ve (I’m really not sure what it is) made like a time line thingy of clubbing and how it’s evolved.


Amuseum was the place to be. Wall to wall with the international school kids who are back down for the holidays from distant lands with age limits and expensive alcohol. Go early if not you’ll be standing outside and will end up walking to Mojo where all the older crowd hangs out.


Mojo went on a spree of private parties and being the pioneer in crowd control they always ensured a good crowd control. Even if Mojo was packed there will be at least a line of people outside waiting to get in. They had a very strict members only and couples only policy which can normally be lifted if you know someone on the inside. They also initiated the whole Rs. 1000 for couples and Rs. 1500 for guys. This forced guys to bring a girl with them making the ratio more balanced. When YesFm had their “9 Days of the 90’s party there were more women than men! I still place that as the best night of 2010!


All the overseas crowd is back. December is considered the “partying” season and all the bars and clubs are packed almost everyday. The main clubbing days in Sri Lanka are Friday and Wednesday. The age limit law is enforced and maintained. Clubs check ID’s at the entrance and regularly the police comes by and performs a raid and arrests the underage kids in the club. Alarming this caused more people to go out this December. It easily takes 20-30 mins to get into Amuseum where they are more lenient on the age. Mojo requires you to flash your ID to the beefy man before walking in.

Like everything in Sri Lanka, Clubbing has become over rated. Like the small beach parties Offshore Life used to have  once in 3 month. Then once Kiss FM came around they had a beach party every other week. Now everyone wants to club and that leaves loads of people standing outside wanting to get it. Colombo is a small city and clubs are quite limited. There are very few places that you can go to and those places are crowded.

Hopefully someone will open up a new club this year. I always wanted to open my own club…

“I’m going to befriend the f***outta her!” – SR

When you meet as many girls as I do you tend to break it down and categorize them. The first layer is obviously:
“Is she going to be a Friend, A One Night Stand or A Potential Girlfriend?”
Last Thursday we actually met a girl who knew about technology as much as we do. Programing, hardware, phones, applications etc. PLUS she’s kinda easy on the eyes and dirty in the mind. So we became fast friends and we were taken to join her for dinner with her friends and went for drinks afterwards and it was amazing how well our group and her group bonded.

Now lets break it down some more.

Shes a looker. Intelligent. Body like a dancer. BUT I will never consider her for the relationship part. Of even for a One Night Stand (unless she’s up for no strings!). She’s a super cool friend. She’s too intelligent to be a girlfriend cause we won’t be able to impress her with our knowledge of the tech world or cars cause she knows as much. Also not to forget that she is very friendly with boys and that always leads to a headache or worse.
So all she’s left with is being a friend. And like my friend said.

“I’m going to befriend the fuck outta her!”

Death and Decay

Yesterday I watched as a small jeep followed by a moving van made its way down my lane. There were no pretty girls in the jeep so my attention was moved to the moving van. This obviously meant new neighbours . I just wondered where they were going to fit it.
My maid confirms that they will be staying at the old house down the lane where the lady died. I remember her she always would walk to the bakery at around 5 to buy a loaf of bread. She shared her home with a cat or a dog, not too sure about that. But she wasn’t technically alone.
A couple of months ago they had found her body in her house decaying. She had been dead for over 2 weeks and no one noticed. Obviously until the smell hit the neighbours. Her funeral was small. A handful of people attended. She was really quiet and didn’t bother anyone. A real lady.

I always thought that if I’m going to die, I have to go in style. Maybe hero like. Sacrificing my life for the world or a bus full of kids. The thought of me dying slowly and alone would be depressing. But I would be quite happy with the turnout. We might have to move the funeral party (if its my death its going to be a party) from my home to somewhere with a bit more space like The Warehouse Project or Mojo. The playlist will be mainly songs I like and a request or two from the crowd will always be accepted!
But they say its never good to talk about your own death. The whole “Don’t wish for what you think” crap. But hey if I die saving a bus full of children. You’ll come. Wont you?

Why A Woman is a Better Wingman

God of Wingmen, Creator of the Bro Code

Barney Stinson - God of Wingmen, Creator of the Bro Code

For those of you who have not watched How I Met Your Mother. The term wingman is technically someone who will aid you on a night out on preying on women. The provide many forms of support such as providing testimonials on how great you are, agreeing to anything you say and even taking the fat chick so that you can get with her hot friend.

I have had many wingmen in my life. Some are abroad, some I don’t talk to and even some who’ve gone to the dark side and become committed. But the best wingmen. Are women.

My best friend happens to be a girl. And a smoking hot girl if I might say. Standing at 5″10 with a body that gets her on runways and armed with a smile that gets everyone in its vicinity to look down at their feet. The two of us normally have a tendency to go out. Now she being a Wingwoman (WW) even if she is committed it really doesn’t make a difference. Unless of course the girl you want is already with a guy and you will have to initiate an exchange of equal or better quality.

Women make better wingmen for a number of good reasons.

1. They will not steal your target – Unless of course they walk the other way. But that’s very rare. And if they do. Take pictures.

2. Hot friends on a platter – If she is a real WW she will introduce you to her friends. Which is like being given the all you can eat ticket.

3. She can take one for the team – If your target does come with an ugly friend or an annoying friend or a party pooper. A WW is the ideal person to take the bullet. Sending a male into this equation will only speed up the “Lets go home process cause I’m sick of something.” But with a WW she will talk to the secondary and being women they will talk the problem while you can work the target.

4. Reverse Polarity – A WW has the ability to cast a reverse polarity effect. Where all the surrounding men will be pulled towards her. Leaving the women alone and pissed. Which makes them vulnerable to other men.

5. Jealousy – Having a WW is great to make other girls jealous. A quick 10 minute dirty dancing session on the dance floor will give your target an eyebrow raiser. Before doing something like this you must be sure to have made a few moves on the target. Giving her hope. Then the dirty dancing will crush the brief hope you gave her. Then when she’s all angry giver her the whole that girl meant nothing to me line. Or whatever you feel like giving.

So if you do have a female friend who doesn’t mind you being a guy and preying on her own kind. Take her along. And Try it out!

Disclaimer:  All the above methods have been tried and tested by Ahamed Nizar. The end results may change due to a large range of reasons such as number of drinks, number of friends,  your confidence level, moods, PMS, swagga etc.

Paid Insomnia

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. It’s not cause I have writers block. It’s cause I have been busy. I went from being jobless and studying to studying, jobfull and sleepless.

I am now a proud member of one of the largest telecommunication corporations in the country. The pay is good. The perks are decent but the work is tough.

My shift starts at 7pm and ends at 4am. By the time I get home its 5.10 cause transport takes ages to come. The reason the shift is so messed up is because I work with the American time. Eastern Standard to be exact. So I follow their work hours. And with day light savings time kicking in work is now from 6pm to 3pm. Which is not that bad since on Friday Nights I head out clubbing right after work.

Work is quite hectic. On normal days once I get home at 4am I can’t seem to sleep. I’ve gotten used to being up. Also all the free coffee helps.  Once i’m asleep at 6 after surfing the web and watching early morning tv I raise myself up from the temporary at 12 and head to class. Then from class I head to work and come back to the same routine. On some days I have enough time to fall asleep. But its just so exhausting to keep up.

I had quite a line of drafts written up. Some that I type at work. It needs to be posted up soon. Plus I need to check kottu. And get some sleep.

See you on the other side.

SPACE at Buba



The rustic yet beautiful Garden of Eden “The Buba Beach Club” is arguably one of the best Beach Venues to party at in the whole of Sri Lanka. This serene and tranquil beach front venue will be the setting for “Space” Brace your self for a night of unbriddled exhilaration. The venue is renowned for bringing out the typical Hikka/Unwatuna feel to a beach event and the best part is there has not been a decent event at the venue for some time now. Who says you have to leave Colombo to enjoy a good beach Party. Join Us to kick off the festive season in style . See you all in SPACE sorry it should be at SPACE 🙂 🙂

This DECEMBER 05th at approximately 2100 hrs… Prepare yourself to journey in to Orbit where you will experience SPACE

Witness an elevated space age Console , Elevated Lunar Decks, the Space Station where You will be able to Dance six Feet above the Ground and let the music reverberate through your soul.

The Astronauts for the Night who will guide you through the Gravitational Changes experienced during your journey are Astronauts Colombo House Mafia Dj’s Van Luup,Shiyam and Asvajit with Tim, Yazz & Praveen Jay along with the Kisstronaut Crew
SPACE Dress Code

Earthlings are invited to come dressed in unearthly attire if they want to blend in with other Martians and Venetians in Space
SPACE Packages (Pre Sold)

PLUTO (VVIP) Separate Exclusive Lounge

One Bottle Of J Walker Black Label + One Bottle Of Dom Perignon Bubbly + Fifteen Tickets Rs.40000

One Bottle Of J Walker Blue Label + Fifteen Tickets Rs.35000

One Bottle Of Ciroc Vodka + Fifteen Tickets Rs. 25000

One Bottle Of Belvedere Vodka + Fifteen Tickets Rs.25000

One Bottle Of Black Label + Fifteen Tickets Rs.20000

One Bottle Of Vodka/Rum + Ten Tickets Rs. 15000

Tequila Rs.100 Till 12.00 Midnight

LED T shirts at special seasonal rates

Milky Way Glow Rings for the Vivacious Venetians

Percussion by the energetic Gangara

Free Face and Body Painting

Fire Dancers and Eaters

Fire Works Display

Space Photography

On Arrival from SPACE descending to EARTH it is advised to prepare yours self for Gravitational Change. Approximate time of arrival 06.00 hrs. Here night turns in to day and the Astronauts will guide you through a journey of a different Kind

Martians Rs.1000 and Venetians Free till 12.00 Midnight

Date and Time

Date Of Departure to space 5th December 2009 21.00hrs. ( 9.00 p.m.)

Arrival to Earth Base Station 6th December 2009 06.00 hrs.(6.00 a.m.)

Departure to respective Locations from Earth Base station 12.00 hrs.(12.00 Noon).

Departure Location BUBA Beach Club Mt. Lavinia

Remember SPACE and EARTH are two different destinations with vastly different atmospheres . Be warned and be prepared to adopt to these changes.

BROUGHT TO YOU BY En-V Productions and Ultimate Media


I’m selling tickets for this. Just call me on 775 352 922 and I’ll sort out tickets. Buba is probably the best venue for a beach party. Its on a more secluded beach and the atmosphere is excellent.
Alot of people are wondering why they should come for a party like this. I’d say the main attraction is the Rs100 a tequila shot [till 12 only]. Seeing that tequila is around 350 bucks in a club and around 200 at white horse this is so much more worth it.
Also the DJ’s playing are fantastic. Tim and Shiyam playing at one place is more than enough to bring in a good crowd. Added with Van Lupp and Praveen Jay the music is going to be off the chain.
The decor is also supposed to be trippy/funky. The right type of decor to really get the mood going.
If the decor doesn’t set the mood. Then the tequila would 😉

Do we need booze to have a good time?

“You don’t need booze to have a good time”
It has always been the argument for the anti drinking crowd. I really didn’t understand it. When I normally go for a party or to a club. I always have a few rounds before I let loose on the dance floor. Its very much needed. Alcohol gives you the edge. When your drunk the possibilities are different from when you are sober. Not blind bloody drunk, but high to a point where anything is possible. It’s not called “Liquid Courage” for nothing.

This past week there have been two instances where I have remained sober for a party because 1) I was working, 2) I was driving home.

By working I mean taking photographs.

On Halloween I had to take pictures of the on-goings in a club in Colombo. When your walking around the club sober getting rubbed against by people and hit in the face by crazy dancers is no fun. When your drunk on the other hand when someone rubs against you (girls) dirty things go through your heads. Or when you get hit in the face you turn around and bust a dance move or two back at that person.
With no energy except for a beer I was pretty parched. Running up and down taking pics. Dancing in between pictures with drunk friends is very tiring. Soon I got bestie out of the crazy dance moves she was busting and left the club at 2 AM. Which is quite surprising if you know my partying habits.
My feet hurt, I smelt of sweat and cologne and was hungry.
My say for the night was. It was tiring. And I still need to get paid for it.

The other sober night was this Thursday night where about 40 of us surprised a friend of mine at The Library at the Cinnamon Lakeside. I was taking pictures there as well. It was a relaxing night. The food was good. The booze was non existent and the music was amazing.
The DJ played for a couple of hours till the band got down and ready to play. Then once the band was ready (The band was MISTY by the way), they strung up some good oldies music which really got the dance floor moving. Then it moved back to the DJ and then back to the band so on and forth.
I came out the library the same as before. My feet hurt, I smelled of different things and was still hungry. But I came out saying: “Best sober night ever!”

So comparing the two nights you really can’t pinpoint exactly what made the night good and what made the night bad. But in my opinion you don’t need booze to have a good night. But a little booze makes the night better. Or worse. Buts that’s the thrill.

Sunday Morning with Sugar Ray

The Blood flows to my head. My senses kick in. My eyes still blurred, my nose sniffing cinnamon.

I lift my head, the blood made it heavy. Feels like a whirlpool in my head.

My mouth tastes like cigarettes, my neck smells of her. My breath stained of alcohol from last nights… what was it?

Must have been a party. Had to be. Was it a club? Or a house party? Or Garden Drinking?

Who knows, Who cares. Let me just reach for the remote and listen to some Sugar Ray. Maybe then I’ll wake up.