SPACE at Buba



The rustic yet beautiful Garden of Eden “The Buba Beach Club” is arguably one of the best Beach Venues to party at in the whole of Sri Lanka. This serene and tranquil beach front venue will be the setting for “Space” Brace your self for a night of unbriddled exhilaration. The venue is renowned for bringing out the typical Hikka/Unwatuna feel to a beach event and the best part is there has not been a decent event at the venue for some time now. Who says you have to leave Colombo to enjoy a good beach Party. Join Us to kick off the festive season in style . See you all in SPACE sorry it should be at SPACE 🙂 🙂

This DECEMBER 05th at approximately 2100 hrs… Prepare yourself to journey in to Orbit where you will experience SPACE

Witness an elevated space age Console , Elevated Lunar Decks, the Space Station where You will be able to Dance six Feet above the Ground and let the music reverberate through your soul.

The Astronauts for the Night who will guide you through the Gravitational Changes experienced during your journey are Astronauts Colombo House Mafia Dj’s Van Luup,Shiyam and Asvajit with Tim, Yazz & Praveen Jay along with the Kisstronaut Crew
SPACE Dress Code

Earthlings are invited to come dressed in unearthly attire if they want to blend in with other Martians and Venetians in Space
SPACE Packages (Pre Sold)

PLUTO (VVIP) Separate Exclusive Lounge

One Bottle Of J Walker Black Label + One Bottle Of Dom Perignon Bubbly + Fifteen Tickets Rs.40000

One Bottle Of J Walker Blue Label + Fifteen Tickets Rs.35000

One Bottle Of Ciroc Vodka + Fifteen Tickets Rs. 25000

One Bottle Of Belvedere Vodka + Fifteen Tickets Rs.25000

One Bottle Of Black Label + Fifteen Tickets Rs.20000

One Bottle Of Vodka/Rum + Ten Tickets Rs. 15000

Tequila Rs.100 Till 12.00 Midnight

LED T shirts at special seasonal rates

Milky Way Glow Rings for the Vivacious Venetians

Percussion by the energetic Gangara

Free Face and Body Painting

Fire Dancers and Eaters

Fire Works Display

Space Photography

On Arrival from SPACE descending to EARTH it is advised to prepare yours self for Gravitational Change. Approximate time of arrival 06.00 hrs. Here night turns in to day and the Astronauts will guide you through a journey of a different Kind

Martians Rs.1000 and Venetians Free till 12.00 Midnight

Date and Time

Date Of Departure to space 5th December 2009 21.00hrs. ( 9.00 p.m.)

Arrival to Earth Base Station 6th December 2009 06.00 hrs.(6.00 a.m.)

Departure to respective Locations from Earth Base station 12.00 hrs.(12.00 Noon).

Departure Location BUBA Beach Club Mt. Lavinia

Remember SPACE and EARTH are two different destinations with vastly different atmospheres . Be warned and be prepared to adopt to these changes.

BROUGHT TO YOU BY En-V Productions and Ultimate Media


I’m selling tickets for this. Just call me on 775 352 922 and I’ll sort out tickets. Buba is probably the best venue for a beach party. Its on a more secluded beach and the atmosphere is excellent.
Alot of people are wondering why they should come for a party like this. I’d say the main attraction is the Rs100 a tequila shot [till 12 only]. Seeing that tequila is around 350 bucks in a club and around 200 at white horse this is so much more worth it.
Also the DJ’s playing are fantastic. Tim and Shiyam playing at one place is more than enough to bring in a good crowd. Added with Van Lupp and Praveen Jay the music is going to be off the chain.
The decor is also supposed to be trippy/funky. The right type of decor to really get the mood going.
If the decor doesn’t set the mood. Then the tequila would 😉


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