Why A Woman is a Better Wingman

God of Wingmen, Creator of the Bro Code

Barney Stinson - God of Wingmen, Creator of the Bro Code

For those of you who have not watched How I Met Your Mother. The term wingman is technically someone who will aid you on a night out on preying on women. The provide many forms of support such as providing testimonials on how great you are, agreeing to anything you say and even taking the fat chick so that you can get with her hot friend.

I have had many wingmen in my life. Some are abroad, some I don’t talk to and even some who’ve gone to the dark side and become committed. But the best wingmen. Are women.

My best friend happens to be a girl. And a smoking hot girl if I might say. Standing at 5″10 with a body that gets her on runways and armed with a smile that gets everyone in its vicinity to look down at their feet. The two of us normally have a tendency to go out. Now she being a Wingwoman (WW) even if she is committed it really doesn’t make a difference. Unless of course the girl you want is already with a guy and you will have to initiate an exchange of equal or better quality.

Women make better wingmen for a number of good reasons.

1. They will not steal your target – Unless of course they walk the other way. But that’s very rare. And if they do. Take pictures.

2. Hot friends on a platter – If she is a real WW she will introduce you to her friends. Which is like being given the all you can eat ticket.

3. She can take one for the team – If your target does come with an ugly friend or an annoying friend or a party pooper. A WW is the ideal person to take the bullet. Sending a male into this equation will only speed up the “Lets go home process cause I’m sick of something.” But with a WW she will talk to the secondary and being women they will talk the problem while you can work the target.

4. Reverse Polarity – A WW has the ability to cast a reverse polarity effect. Where all the surrounding men will be pulled towards her. Leaving the women alone and pissed. Which makes them vulnerable to other men.

5. Jealousy – Having a WW is great to make other girls jealous. A quick 10 minute dirty dancing session on the dance floor will give your target an eyebrow raiser. Before doing something like this you must be sure to have made a few moves on the target. Giving her hope. Then the dirty dancing will crush the brief hope you gave her. Then when she’s all angry giver her the whole that girl meant nothing to me line. Or whatever you feel like giving.

So if you do have a female friend who doesn’t mind you being a guy and preying on her own kind. Take her along. And Try it out!

Disclaimer:Ā  All the above methods have been tried and tested by Ahamed Nizar. The end results may change due to a large range of reasons such as number of drinks, number of friends,Ā  your confidence level, moods, PMS, swagga etc.


5 thoughts on “Why A Woman is a Better Wingman

  1. BARNEY STINSON is the GAWD indeed.
    errrrm PMS? I thought you were talking bout guys here xD

    or maybe I misunderstood that dirty dancing thing O.o

    PS – Ahamed never lose your best friend for anything stupid… believe me she might be the ONE šŸ™‚

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