Do we need booze to have a good time?

“You don’t need booze to have a good time”
It has always been the argument for the anti drinking crowd. I really didn’t understand it. When I normally go for a party or to a club. I always have a few rounds before I let loose on the dance floor. Its very much needed. Alcohol gives you the edge. When your drunk the possibilities are different from when you are sober. Not blind bloody drunk, but high to a point where anything is possible. It’s not called “Liquid Courage” for nothing.

This past week there have been two instances where I have remained sober for a party because 1) I was working, 2) I was driving home.

By working I mean taking photographs.

On Halloween I had to take pictures of the on-goings in a club in Colombo. When your walking around the club sober getting rubbed against by people and hit in the face by crazy dancers is no fun. When your drunk on the other hand when someone rubs against you (girls) dirty things go through your heads. Or when you get hit in the face you turn around and bust a dance move or two back at that person.
With no energy except for a beer I was pretty parched. Running up and down taking pics. Dancing in between pictures with drunk friends is very tiring. Soon I got bestie out of the crazy dance moves she was busting and left the club at 2 AM. Which is quite surprising if you know my partying habits.
My feet hurt, I smelt of sweat and cologne and was hungry.
My say for the night was. It was tiring. And I still need to get paid for it.

The other sober night was this Thursday night where about 40 of us surprised a friend of mine at The Library at the Cinnamon Lakeside. I was taking pictures there as well. It was a relaxing night. The food was good. The booze was non existent and the music was amazing.
The DJ played for a couple of hours till the band got down and ready to play. Then once the band was ready (The band was MISTY by the way), they strung up some good oldies music which really got the dance floor moving. Then it moved back to the DJ and then back to the band so on and forth.
I came out the library the same as before. My feet hurt, I smelled of different things and was still hungry. But I came out saying: “Best sober night ever!”

So comparing the two nights you really can’t pinpoint exactly what made the night good and what made the night bad. But in my opinion you don’t need booze to have a good night. But a little booze makes the night better. Or worse. Buts that’s the thrill.


2 thoughts on “Do we need booze to have a good time?

  1. It gives you tick off the edge and losen up urself.. i smile more when im high i guess.. and yeh it helps you bust a move..

    Last couple of sober night outs didnt rock at al for me… 😦 i felt wasted to get dressed and not have fun…

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