Colombo Clubbing 2010

The year is almost at the end. And if your my age and in similar social circles you’ll be hitting the clubs a minimum of once every fortnight. Or twice a week if your really as bad. I’ve (I’m really not sure what it is) made like a time line thingy of clubbing and how it’s evolved.


Amuseum was the place to be. Wall to wall with the international school kids who are back down for the holidays from distant lands with age limits and expensive alcohol. Go early if not you’ll be standing outside and will end up walking to Mojo where all the older crowd hangs out.


Mojo went on a spree of private parties and being the pioneer in crowd control they always ensured a good crowd control. Even if Mojo was packed there will be at least a line of people outside waiting to get in. They had a very strict members only and couples only policy which can normally be lifted if you know someone on the inside. They also initiated the whole Rs. 1000 for couples and Rs. 1500 for guys. This forced guys to bring a girl with them making the ratio more balanced. When YesFm had their “9 Days of the 90’s party there were more women than men! I still place that as the best night of 2010!


All the overseas crowd is back. December is considered the “partying” season and all the bars and clubs are packed almost everyday. The main clubbing days in Sri Lanka are Friday and Wednesday. The age limit law is enforced and maintained. Clubs check ID’s at the entrance and regularly the police comes by and performs a raid and arrests the underage kids in the club. Alarming this caused more people to go out this December. It easily takes 20-30 mins to get into Amuseum where they are more lenient on the age. Mojo requires you to flash your ID to the beefy man before walking in.

Like everything in Sri Lanka, Clubbing has become over rated. Like the small beach parties Offshore Life used to have  once in 3 month. Then once Kiss FM came around they had a beach party every other week. Now everyone wants to club and that leaves loads of people standing outside wanting to get it. Colombo is a small city and clubs are quite limited. There are very few places that you can go to and those places are crowded.

Hopefully someone will open up a new club this year. I always wanted to open my own club…


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