Saturday Night Out – Sunday Morning In

So my parents have made this rule where im allowed only one night our a month. It never gets implemented but they do hold it against me. So Saturday night i was at Offshore Life – buba a 24 hour party. I really wasnt planning on going but then sapphira told me she was going so what the hell? I planned going only 2 hours before asking my parents for permission. They were alright but i had to give my “get out of jail free once” ticket for next month to them, thank god for cool fathers and photocopy machines.

The party was happening. Everyone was tripping or drunk so we all had one thing in common. I met half the people at work there.

Nisal : “Kum is somewhere here. Must be tripping”

2 hours later i find Kum

This is what Kum had to say : “Machang im so tripping”

I met the missing sandwich and ravana who introduced me to legendary Indica. The two of them were talking about some girl meter or something but i couldn’t understand indi’s accent was too smashed to remember exactly what the details were.

The highlight of the party was the stage on which the Dj played. It was a freaking pandol around 30 feet in length it was Vesak all over again cept the free food. You enter through that and the Dj plays on top. I was able to climb onto it and take some shots of the never ending sea of party goers.

I met coach who reminded me that we have training in 3 hours. I told him i couldn’t feel my legs so i dont think ill be able to make it. He didnt get the hint cause he was tripping as well so im going to be doing rounds when i see him next.

Soon the sun rose and the crowd thinned and most people were just sitting on the floor enjoing the chillout music the Dj was playing. There were still people who danced on the platform and some people who thought they were dancing. One old character had found himself a beer bottle and was so thrilled about it he went around showing all the tourists. Soon when he found a glass (also from the floor) he began to pour it onto the glass, tripped over his own feet and broke the bottle. Shame.

No Sri Lankan party can be complete without a fight. So there was a fight. It was fun to watch. These 2 guys were drunk and one guy poked the other or put sand in his pants or hit on his girl friend so just for the sake of “getting back at him” they were rolling around in the dirt. Everyone just watched it as if it was Live on Madison Square Garden except it had more rofl’s. One guy was really big he kept fireman carrying the other smaller guy and slamming him on the sand even tho a push will do. Only one guy went to break it up and sadly he got hammered.

Tattoos Tattoos Tattoos. There were everywhere. I want one. I feel like a Sloth Bear in the Artic without ink on my skin. One guy had beads on his body. According to GGC hes from Panadura

Since the sun was up the lights were not needed. So the organizer, i say its him since hes big, bald, black, important looking, wearing black with an ‘organizer’ badge around his neck. Calls out to the dance floor for the lights to be removed. i was like “wtf he wants us to remove the lights?”. Then suddenly the guys who were dancing on the platforms including the old man who found beervana were the electricians and peons of the party. Interesting marketing scheme for a party. If the party is gonna be dry get the staff to join in so it’ll look happening.

Anybody else was there?

There will be more pictures on my photoblog


12 thoughts on “Saturday Night Out – Sunday Morning In

  1. Man, I need to get back! I want something to drink! Eh about tattoos, don’t feel bad, I don’t have either. But I tell them that the ink bled and my whole body is a tattoo of a milk chocolate! (real reason, I hate needles).
    Good write up! THX

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  3. haha funny! But isnt it partying highly overrated? Or maybe its just be.Cause last time i went, it was all techno (ugh) and it was not. fun. anyway damn…u moved! now i need to update my blogroll…sigh.

  4. @kalusudda : I used to have a tattoo but i got it laser removed a month back so it feels kinda weird. ill be getting another one soon. yes when you come back you can start fighting. ill take pictures 🙂

    @Deecee : techno is awesome. best enjoyed along with substance abuse™ 😛 its fun though if you go with the right crowd. i’ve been using the blog for quite a while actually

  5. haha now aren’t you glad i told you to come! that was seriously one of the most fun parties i’ve been to…such a nice change from the usual colombo socialite clubbing crap we find ourselves drawn into….

  6. ha ha. I like your blog! very entertaining ! I am most definitely a girl and i didn’t think the name anarchy had a masculine connotation to it! 🙂

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