Who Me?

Blogger. Photographer. Socialite. Marketer. Workaholic. Food Junkee. Tech Nut. Party Animal. Crime Fighter.

The Rose Tinted View was a name that was given to me long before I knew its meaning. I used to wear glasses with a slight pink tint ( I was going through a Bono phase) and Sally with her awesome wit and creativity gave me the name Rose Tinted View.
And thats what this blog is about. My View. My Rose Tinted View.

8 thoughts on “Who Me?

  1. Hey you!!!! This is nice!!!! Missing lyf at AIS men!!!have started working, Boy its tiring. Sumtimes I wanna go home and sleep. But then, I think I’d get used to it. The ppl here are really nice. Food’s great too. Hey wats happening at AIS now. I saw the new calendar book. U must be thinking “Hey she has a sis, who can tell her” but then again she’s my ‘sis.’ You cant expect anything from her mouth. say hello for everyone there including the teachers if you remember, and i should say, want to. Anyways take care, study hard, and have a lot of fun this year. You are so going to miss it!!

    Loads of Love and Friendship Always
    Yours truly

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