Party Party December 2011

I was going over my numbers and realized that I am going to be broke this December.

The first party hurdle I have to conquer is Offshore Life’s “Return of the Gods.” Happening on the 9th, they return to Buba for another one of their 24 hour parties. The previous post about the party can be found here.

Next up is the Electric Peacock Festival. It was a shame last year. Tickets being over priced for a couple of artists very few people had heard about (except Roger Sanchez, but then again few people). The show ended up having only 200 people, the management was cocky and it ended up being just a couple of people on the beach. I did love the acts of Roger Sanchez and Funk Royale System. This year, they’re being smart this time and have reduced the tickets to Rs. 2000 and Rs. 4000 only. The acts include legends Basement Jaxx and Chicane and also local talent such as Asvajit and Tim of Offshore Life.

Boris Brejcha will be dropping some beats on the 21st of December at The Beach House on Mount Beach. He’ll be backed by the usual players in the EDM scene in Sri Lanka. Asvajit, Shiyam and Geve. Its a Bang Bang production so it will be out of this world!

Plus its December which means everyone will be back for the holidays and will be hitting the bars and clubs every Wednesday and Friday night. Minus more money from my wallet.

By 31st, which I presume I shall be downsouth, ill be in negative values but hey, I’ll have a great time, thought I might not remember all of it.


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