Dan Millman

I first encountered Dan Millman when I was 14. His bestseller Way of The Peaceful Warrior found its way to me when my friend let me borrow the book. My friend’s mother wanted him to read more and would constantly give him a good book to read. Him being lazy would give the book to me. I would read it and retell him the story just in case his mother asks him about it. This was how I read Kite Runner as well.

Dan Millman was quite different to what I normally read. A big fan of spy novels and science fiction, Millman’s book was probably the most realistic book I had read at that time.
Its quite spiritual and makes you believe that discipline and hard work can take you a long way. Its has a master – apprentice relationship that is similar to Karate Kid or even Star Wars.

I read the book the day before my Chemistry exam. I failed miserably and destroyed my dreams of being a Bio Chemist who wanted to find the cure for cancer (when I was young and innocent). I guess the book thought me that a way is always present you just need to find it and move along.

After returning the book and moving on with my life I realised that a movie had been released based on the book. Dan Millman also had written a sequel to his first book which I am yet to read. His last book (as pictured above) from this series if the Journey of Socrates. It tells the story of his Master named Socrates and the journey he endured which eventually made him a master.

His first book, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior is somewhat rare to find and out of print. I’m the kind of person who likes to feel the book and smell the paper before buying it so I’m quite hesitant to purchase it online. But apparently the book has been out of print for sometime and I may have to resort to Amazon to purchase them.
The journey of Socrates I was able to purchase at a good book store in Mumba, India called Strands. It is featured in their papers as one of the oldest family run book stores. As I walked in there and asked for The Way of the Peaceful Warrior a voice from behind me says,
“Dan Millman?”
I turned to see an elderly man already making his way to a large group of shelves. After searching, muttering and cursing he said he’s not able to find a copy. Although he offered my The Journey of Socrates. It was reserved with two other books with a note saying “Keep for two weeks, she’ll be back” and a phone number.
In that split second my brain went into Ted Moseby mode and contemplated taking the number and calling and saying I have your book and asking this girl out for coffee. Maybe she was one I was looking for? Soon my brain returned to normal and told me off saying its possible it could be an old woman or a lesbian and I’ll get all emotional for nothing.

I purchased the book, was wished good luck in finding the other two books and set off on my way. I started reading the book immediately despite that I’m yet to finish Ludlum’s Moscow Vector.

I shall look for the last time at the second hand bookstores on Darley Road. If I cannot find it then Amazon, here I come.


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