So I’ve been busy sprucing up my new website.

I recently purchased I hosted it on private hosting and did the usual import and export cause you know. It’s easier to customize etc and make the blogging experience “cool”

Or so I thought.

It’s a damn pain. I have to reedit alllll the posts. I might as well just keep it on this. Which I am.

I’ve realised that WordPress is becoming more and more social. Liking posts and following posts and reblogging post. It’s a fusion of many social media websites and blogging engines.


3 thoughts on “Independence

  1. Talk about it. Just bought a new domain myself, but found that all the ‘social proof’ gets dropped off when you switch domains. So keeping it as a secondary for now, used only for sharing purposes on Business card etc. since its shorter

    • I’ve just redirected .com to my wordpress. Best thing to do. Although in future purposes I may just buy the domain via Only a little bit more expensive but easier to maintain.

      • Yeah, i bought a .lk domain so couldn’t do it through wordpress. Still paid for the mapping. So now also directs traffic to my blog but doesn’t show up as the main url.

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