Don’t be Sad.

I found this lying on my bed. Probably my sisters doing. She’s probably noticed that I’ve distanced myself as of late. Its nothing to do with them. They’re perfectly fine. Its all me.

I’ve been spending quite a lot of my time thinking and planning. It would appear to others as brooding. But the cogs have been spinning non stop in my head.

I decided to maintain a journal. A book of my ideas, thoughts and observations of the world. Cataloguing what my eyes see and brain understands. At the same time I’ve been building up plans of various degrees. Whether it be for the present, or the future.

I even have certain sections for people whom I interact with. These are not on paper (as they maybe easier to find and contradict) but in my head. In a well organised filling systems. Think of it as folders, with a name on it and files inside it with memories and mental notes that I’ve taken. Quite scary and creepy. But it’ll probably come in handy in the future.

If I continue my brooding ill have enough data to map out strategies which can be beneficial as well as profitable. After all, I’m trying to be happy and in the course, make you happy.


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