Grant Morrison

I finally finished reading Supergods by Grant Morrison a book that I think every person with an interest in comics should read. It is pure brilliance. It outlines the comic industry from the coming of Superman in 1938 to the death of Batman in 2009’s Final Crisis. It goes into issues the Superhero community had internally as well as externally like how comics were affected by the Comic Code Authority. His personal insights into the stories he’s written and his buildup of someone of the greatest characters of all comic history (like, you know, Batman).

Whether I knew it or not I always like Grant Morrison’s writing. Sometimes I wouldn’t get it. And I’ll have to re-read a few pages to understand. I admit when I read a comic book I normally don’t look for style of writing and depth of feel. I just read it for the story and the effect it has on the character. No matter who wrote it, whether it was well written or not I would just read it. After reading Supergods and understanding the pain and pleasure that writers go into creating their final product. One of the biggest fires in Grant Morrisons’ kitchen of a mind was The Katmandu Experience. Chasing the theory of enlightenment up a flight of 365 stairs in one breath Grant Morrison demanded enlightenment at the top and enlightenment was served. He claims to have been shown a new perspective. Taken out of the world and shown it from the outside. The experience allows him to see the world in 5D and since then he has tried to recreate that experience with a wild host of psychedelic drugs that took up most of his time in the 90’s.

He writes comics as real as he can at the same time making it absurd. His best selling graphic novel Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on a Serious Earth is one of the most bizarre comics I’ve ever read. But its fantastic. I read in Supergods as to how he had to reduce the amount of cross dressing clothing on the Joker. He was the only person who stated that the Joker like his personality is static and could be anything. Like a cross dressing murder. Jokers cross dressing was shown again in Christopher Nolans The Dark Knight when Heath Ledger dons a nurse outfit. Seeing how many scenes Nolan has taken from comics its possible he’s taken this from Morrison.

He’s currently writing the new Action Comics series relaunched from the new DC Universe. I’m yet to follow up on it. But someone has given him the opportunity to work on the comic title that changed the course of history, so I guess its worth looking into. He’s also working on a project called Dominion: Dinosaurs vs Aliens with Barry Sonnenfeld a film maker known for his part in directing all three Men In Black movies. He’s currently in talks with Warner to do a Metal Men movie. Something I would look forward to.


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