Just some Websites

The world has moved online. More people spend time on their computers online, than they do playing sports, making love or verbally arguing. Online arguing is still an all time high.

Like all things, those superior in code and design are websites that get the most noticed and visited. There are some websites which have changed the web uses (such as Facebook and twitter), but there are those websites which are just there cause they are awesome. Behind these websites are probably an awesome group of people who just want to make our days better.

The following websites are must visits and should be shared among your friends.

Falling Dominoes

Click to roll.

A website by soft drink giant Coca Cola where with a single push take you through a world of colour. Its quite the time passer and great to look at when you’re baked.

Take this lollipop

Click me, If you dare…

Released two weeks before Halloween 2011 this video uses your Facebook information (after asking you!) to show you what could happen if you friend psychos online. Its a great message to the kids…

Museum of Me

Once you log in with Facebook, it creates a movie portraying everything about your life etc, Its quite interesting. Done by Intel, your favorite processor provider.


A fun way to waste time!

A website made by a Sri Lankan designer. Its not even launched but the screen is so much fun to play with!


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