As of recent I’ve been indulging in literature and art in an attempt to better myself culturally. I’ve come to the point in life where I realise I’m really not worth the value anymore. So the crusade begins to expand my knowledge and be more aware.. Selfish. Narcissistic. Vain. All of the above.

After straining my eyes to see the works on display at the ARTRA launch exhibition attending Arunalokaya was such a refreshing experience. This shows the talent that Sri Lankans has and how it rarely penetrates the elitist art circles of Colombo. Aruna Srinath is an artist of many styles. As seen in the pictures below he can almost draw anything. In the hour I spent there walking around the exhibit, I came to the startling discovery that he wasn’t the only one.  Numerous artists from various backgrounds that don’t have the chance to showcase their work at Barefoot cause it’s too full showcasing the work of some pseudo hippie do exist. He is one of the few artist (to my knowledge) that walked out on the man and decided to take his work where it was appreciated. For some there is nowhere to go.

He can be found online at


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