Spontaneous trumps planning

I have always been a spontaneous guy. I’ll still be at home at 11.30 on a Friday Night. And by 12.20 I’ll be on my way to a club. It’s always been like that. It’s easier and more efficient.

I know people who spend weeks planning for a night out. Calls come and go asking me what I’m doing for next weekend when we have to first jump this weekend’s hurdle.

Its nothing wrong. Some people need to sort out finance or permission from their parents. But some people just do it so that they have something to talk about.

What’s worse is when you plan for weeks and it doesn’t work out.

For example a couple of months back a friend of mine planned her birthday night since summer. She had planned where they would go, what time they would go, what drinks they would order,etc. And what happens? The LTTE decided to crash a plane into the Inland Revenue building.

Yeah. The night sucked for them.


2 thoughts on “Spontaneous trumps planning

  1. Sponatneous or impulsive behaviour isn’t good in the long run. A bit of planning always helps. My spontaneous behaviour used to cost me a lot, like car accidents, arrest by CID and bail outs coz we had entered the high security zone for FUN, bad publicity and what not? Always think ahead. It just helps prevent disasters.

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