December – Worst/Best Month of the Year?!

December is the final month of the year. The last 31 days before we reset the clock and start from 1. Since it is such a special month a lot of attention is paid to it. Also not to mention Santa Claus and Jesus have special mention in this month.

There are many other reasons why December is good or bad. I’m going to break it down for you guys.


Final Year of the month. Means loads of parties.

Those in University abroad will be coming down from a visit. So more partying with long lost friends. Also not to mention the booze that they will be bringing with them.

Loads of Christmas giveaways on the radio.

Special Sales and Discounts at Malls and Department Stores.

Holidays for International School Students.

31st Night Party Planning!

Salary Bonus.


Going broke due to to excessive partying and shopping.

31st Night tickets are too expensive. So need to save money. Save money means less partying and meeting up with friends.

Too many people shopping means crowded malls and shelves cleaning fast.

Also shopping for loved ones can bring about a mental breakdown.

Ex-Girlfriends coming down in December. Long distance didn’t work out. She’ll know why soon enough.

Too many people trying to win free stuff on the radio. Chances of you winning are slim 😦

Too many parties to choose from. Crowd splits up.

At the moment I’m broke, grumpy, exhausted and suicidal due to this distressful month. No money to party. I don’t think i’ll be winning that Microsoft Flash Drive off YES FM and I have to go to the airport today to pick my cousin up.


December begins.


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