December Already

I’m amazed to find myself at December so fast. Only yesterday it was ;

January – Rahul and i danced the night away at 31st night coming home at 9AM next morning. A night to remember

February – A Valentines Day spent alone. Cept for a brownie from a secret admirer…

March – Mock exams. I felt scared, worse was yet to come

April – No Aprils Fools day for me, The last of the parties finish to make way for exams

May – Exams started, No more anything till the end of the month. Fingernails have gotten shorter due to biting. and i dont even bite my fingernails!

June – Exams over. The nonestop partying begins

July – I joined the Advertising Firm as an intern. My life changed as I was exposed to new things and i met some of the greatest people i know.

August – Its only been Work and Hikka the whole month. Hikka was an experience (see hikka fest 2008 post here)

September – I leave work sadly and go back to the drama of school life. My birthday was well spent and Shru leaves 😦

October – Fashion Show practices start. It gets more hectic more times a week more music searching. By now I know every xmas jingle made.

November – Exams at the end. The last of the partying is over. Aamina leaves.

December – I dont blog for days, Fashion show was a blast. Lost sleep is regained. Im typing this post down. Im sick of Christmas. A quiet New Years Eve is planned.

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