So a while back a friend of mine contacted me to do one last thing for her before she forgot her boyfriend. I was more than happy to help but then why me?

Her answer was that because i will do it and will have no problem of doing it. Digging deeper she finally spat the reason out. She says I have no conscious.

Which is partially true.

I dont normally think about the concequences about actions. I just see if it is logical and if it will benefit me in someway. Most of the times it does. I remember something my ex once said to me.

“Your evil Ahamed, and you know it”

And yes. I know it.


6 thoughts on “Conscious-less

  1. da word u lookin 4 is CONSCIENCE!!! nd yeah u ryt u dnt tink abt shit… its gr8 at tyms but stoopid at tyms too… dats y we der, to tink of da consequences nd smak sum sense into ur coconut!! 😛

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