Jade Tinted View

I started blogging in 2005, long before i knew kottu existed or who RD was. Back in those days there was no negativeness, there were no fights, profanity, or hate. I sound like a hippie from the 70’s but thats how it was.

Now, its like the LA riots.

Recently two blogs namely Nibras Bawa and Passionately Patient whom I’ve never heard of before have started a hail storm. At first Nibras Bawa reacting childishly to one of RD’s comments had posted alot of details about RD. His personal details and his family and what not. Its actually quite easy to get information on RD, all you have to do is google his name.

Then he went on a rampage against DeeCee who was innocent and David Blacker. It went on and on with his blogging getting loads of hits and him being in the limelight. Woot big deal lets give him a medal. At least he had the decency to apologize and delete all his posts from his blog. He’s even seen the light! Well more like vanilla but its something close.

Then there is this Passionately Patient (PP) chick, who suddenly turned up on kottu. I’ve never read her blog before, to be honest i dont read alot of new blogs. Blogging has become so common now, the whole ”freedom of speech” thing has now become a bit too commercial. She opened the flood gates by revealing who shades of jades is. It apparently started after PP had published 2 stories about Shades of Jade and The Missing Sandwich which she stated were fictitious but were pretty accurate. She is a kottu veteran, one of those blogs that have more than 10,000 hits (like mine!). You cant talk to her like that, especially on such a touchy topic. So in reply to that post which she deleted before i could read it Jaded Shades being her usual self (like we lankans say) gave her in filth. She (PP) deleted that post not sure if it was because the public wanted it or because she felt bad or she didn’t want anyone to see it and judge her. I dunno but she copied all of Jades comments and pasted them on a new post along with her contact number and real name. Its a real dirty thing to do. Quite low actually since alot of people blog under alias’ and they prefer it that way. I for one blog under my real name so PP you know what to google and in NB’s case he can send my name to his Intelligence unit 😉

And if you do find out who I am and where i live, Please drop by.

The post was one thing, but the comments is what raised my eye brows. Someone commented calling Jade a prostitute and a house wrecker though the actual term is Home Wrecker. This is something that PP cannot control as it isn’ her. But im not really that sure.

This is what has worried me. People are people and they are entitled to whatever they think. But when it comes to saying it out loud its a different thing. Sure the freedom of speech argument is on the tip of someones tongue but decency also comes into mind. Saying stuff like this online, especially after your identity is revealed. Obviously whoever commented on this didnt know that Jade was Wyomi. But once she did find out it was so much easier posting it on the Internet where you can comment under any name.

And this was what i feared. As bloggers we write all sorts of bullshit fearlessly. So many times there have been instances where bloggers have bitched about co-workers and friends who read their blogs and dont know who they are. And once your secret is out… you see from the post.

Its 3 AM and im awake as usual doing home work when i saw a post on PP’s blog saying “A COMMENT ON JADEDSHADES”. When i clicked on it the page didnt appear, She had just posted it and then deleted it. I knew whom to contact. Even at this time he is awake, his messenger icon says offline but i know hes there. I type and offline message to him. He replies instantly, He is the Fallen.

Im good with computers, hes better. We were able to unearth the post, even after it was delelted. I was originally going to post it as well but decided against it.

Now jade is packing up,  the girl who thought us about 4.20, who told the Maharaja off and the girl who posted all those weird porn links from Youporn is going to leave. Tomorrow will probably be her last day on the blogging world. I really don’t know what to tell her to stop her from leaving. I can’t blame anyone, i don’t know where to point my finger.

And soon she’ll be gone, and it was all because some people just couldn’t deal with issues in a mature manner.

Hikka Fest 2008

Everyone is blogging about their hikka experience so i decided to type mine as well… Peer pressure.

So the day had come, bags were almost packed i was ready to go… Picked thaw up and headed to the train station. The train ticket was only 85 bucks! Talk about cheap travel. The train journey was packed with the work crowd all going back to visit their families. They must have been alarmed to hear city in shorts boys talk loudly about alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and girls.

We got off in Hikka and entered the main town. Cops were everywhere and the town was dead. Everyone was walking in the same direction so we decided to walk with them. “Follow the lights” Thaw said and we followed the fucking lights for about half an hour. We probably walked 2 kilometers. The more we walked the more crowded it was and the more people there was. In the first hour i was in Hikka i met around 6 people i knew.

We headed to mambos then decided to call Shru and check where she was. 10 mins later back at Mambo’s with her. Just spoke about clothes, boys, future etc. Then her stalker came to check on her. He wanted me to go and die cause i sent her a message. Sounds like a nice boy 🙂

Shru went back to change and so me and thaw were left to loiter around Hikka for an hour before the rave started. Thaw’s hunger kicked in and he started complaining that he was hungry and sick of walking. The Keells hot dog banners were no help at all. We found this small Kade that was run by this very nice old man and his bitching wife. We had some amazing hoppers with fish gravy. With every hopper the old man bought the more profanity he said to his wife. Through out the whole meal the most common words were hutthi and pakaya. Something you dont experience in Colombo is food made with love.

The Firday Night Rave was practically off the chain. LISA LITTLEWOOD ROCKED! I met the whole of Colombo there again. Packed wasn’t the word. And it wasn’t the good packed there were at least 1500 + people and 75% of them were guys. There were girls but for each girl there was her boy friend and his homies. The Glam Slam girls got the crowd going. Well the male section of it. As soon as these half naked blonde dancers came on stage the whole male population of the rave were right at the stage with their cameras and phones taking pictures and videos. Something like this.  So the ratio was a bit fucked. Soon Thaw’s friends came along. Some doctors they were. Got thaw drunk and left him on the beach. He passed out on one of the beach tents. It was 6Am i watched the sun rise from behind the beach with a passed out thaw next to me. As soon as thaw recovered we walked on the road to Ryans room. Thing is we planned on partying the whole night and going to Unawatuna back to our room at around 10. But Thaw was in no condition to Travel and worse my parents were there so back to our hotel was out of the option. We headed to Ryans. Ryan saw the situation and just jumped out of bed and offered it to Thaw to pass out. And pass out her did. I’ll never know how to thank Ryan.

By 12 we thanked Ryan and left. Shades of Jade called and said she was coming to pick us up with themissingsandwich to take us to Unawatuna with Shru. She came by and we had lunch at some hotel which the food was not that great. The food wasnt made with love 😦

We met up with some friends and walked around the beach. So we needed to get back to Unawatuna. By the tme we got back themissingsandwich had left us and gone. So we decided to bus it! “We” was first 2 cousins and now “we” was 4 guys and a tomgirl. Finally i reached my hotel drank some tea and slept on my bed for an hour. The hotel was amazing so relaxing. Just what i needed. Thaw passed out as usual. Its becoming a habit.

My parents dropped me at the Happy Banana by around 8.30. Tired of waiting for Shru the boys got together and ate rotti’s at the Rotti Shop.

After a nice meal with no profanity we headed back to meet with the girls and then with no mode of transport we decided to tuk it to Galle. This part of the trip jumped my nerve real hard.

We got it in 2 different tuks and the first one got to Galle before us; Duh. When we got there we waited for them. We actually thought we got there before them. We thought they were hiding or doing some shit as the people in that tuk were really high. Laughing it off we decided to wait a bit more. We called them and they said they were in a tuk to Hikka! When the plan was for us to meet up and then go. Then i lost it. It was not such a big move on their part but they should have just told us. We tuked it to Hikka and off thaw went to eat again, I went into the rave looking for the others to give them a piece of my mind. They apologized saying that they were high and they dont remember and the usual rubbish. Thats something you normally tell your wife after you come late from the bar. sigh.

I calmed down then decided hey! its a party! But i was sadly mistaken. When Keells sponsored the hot dog stand they went all out. It was a sausage fest! In the 10 feet the girls walked they were felt up from every side the guys could have gotten away with rape. By 2AM everyone was sick of the party. “We” had now become from 2 to 13. We all decided to go to Offshore Life in Unawatuna. The place from where we came back. So we all stood out and grabbed the first bus to Matara. The noise we made woke up all the commuters who probably needed their sleep.

Half an hour later we were walking to the Happy Banana. After getting in the atmosphere was so much calmer and cooler. Everyone was on drugs, they minded their own bloody business and noone was felt up. The party had probably a 100 people. It was awesome music. Soon the music was fitting, we needed to get high. So began the search for a joint. The prices ranged from 300-1000 bucks! Soon we settled for a 500 rupee one we got from somewhere. All of smoked up and lied down on the mat. I was so high i saw people on the celiing looking at me. What an imagination i have.

By 6 i was back at the hotel sore after dancing for hours non stop (i blame shru) and i passed out.

After touring Matara and Galle i went back to Colombo. I hadn’t seen a sky scrapper in a while.

Im sad to say i didnt take much pics at the Hikka fest or Offshore Life as i didnt take my cam with me. But there are some other shots of my travels next morning.

This post isn’t as funny as the other Hikka posts online since i was aiming for a more serious approach 🙂