Where have you been?

“Where have you been?”

That’s the question my blogged asked me when I logged into wordpress after ages. It’s right. It has been a while. And I have neglected you too long.

I’ve been busy my friend. I have now pursed a career that actually challenges me. No more learning the system and then beating it at its own game. My new career constantly challenges me in every aspect on a day to day basis, whether it be from my side or from the clients side. But I still love it. Not as much as I miss writing.

I found companionship, and was happy. I lost companionship and I was happier. Its a complicated process that involved what the mortals of this realm call “feelings.” Its a touchy topic that caused the heart to beat faster and the blood to grow harder.

I have decided to spoil myself as well. Owning a large array of clothes and electronics that you have not seen before. It’s a sudden yearn that creates this purchasing instinct that results in flies flying out of my wallet. Speaking of wallets, I got a new one. Brown to remind myself I’m getting old.

I shall visit you again my friend. I plan on removing the wordpress title on your name, to show your independence to the world.Ā  And we shall talk about the journey that I am on now. To find the real me in this little island of ours.


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