Pass it On

The latest item to take Sri Lankan social media by storm is the product of responsible thinking and the need to make an attitude change in the people of our nation and abroad. Created by Subhash Pinnapola and team at Leo Burnet Sri Lanka, they reveal to the rest of the country the importance of sight and the duty we have to donate our organs after we pass on.

The “virus” was a video clip just over 2 minutes titled “Pass it on when your done with it.” The video was hosted on Youtube the popular video sharing website and word of it was spread like wildfire through social media channels Facebook and Twitter. The mass response and spread starts from the catchy title, to the amazing production, to the deep message embedded in the video.
When I watched this video I was deeply touched. I have been aware of the donation of eyes after death to blind patients, but never has it affected me so much. I’ve donated blood numerous times. But something like my eyes after my death, the thought has never occurred to me. It saddens me even more seeing how I cannot donate my eyes due to a history of Glaucoma in my family.

Responsible advertising is something one rarely sees in Sri Lanka. Many agencies have tried but have never made an impact the way Subash has with his campaign. In Sri Lanka Advertising has mostly been about PROMOTING the product. The difference between Traditional Advertising and Responsible Advertising, is where you make the public AWARE of an issue that is right in front of them. Blindness is an age old ailment and the donation of eyes is not something that most people are aware of.

The step Subash has taken to educate the world on the donation of eyes is worthy of recognition everywhere possible. With the channels that have been chosen there is no stopping how far this video clip will go.

The facebook page for the campaign can be found here.


One thought on “Pass it On

  1. Well that’s only because commercials are most often aired on TV. While there are several advertisements that promote a cause, they are not aired on TV as often because they are mostly funded by NGOs or other such organisation which lack the funds to have it aired several times a day.

    Subhash Pinnapola has done an exemplary job of making the video but saying ” the step Subash has taken to educate the world on the donation of eyes” is stretching it a bit because the advertising agency was probably paid to make the advertisement by the Eye Donation Society.

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