Its 1.40 I’m on the A12 the road that according to Google Maps leads to Trincomalee. I’m in one of those large latha bus’ on the way to Jaffna.
It all started when my sister was asked to go cover the event on behalf of the newspaper she works for.
The event being the Jaffna Music Festival.
She obviously asked me to come along and I was more than happy to join her a day later. My parents, having nothing better to do decided to go on their own on the same day my sister leaves.

After finishing work on Friday I got together with 3 friends and am heading to Jaffna to attend this music festival. The AC in the bus is so cold my friend has dificulty breathing. They really push the AC part in the brochure.

Hopefully we’ll end up in Jaffna by morning. Till then visit http://www.jaffnamusicfestival.org for more details!


2 thoughts on “Jaffna

    • The festival was pretty good. So many cultures playing so many different forms of music. There were a couple of international music genre bands as well. Quite interesting.
      It was a festival more towards the people of Jaffna than for others, so it was quite good and there were hardly and colombians at the festival. Which was to an extent a good thing 😀

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