Facebook Future

I was playing with R’s Samsung Galaxy S the other day and I was amazed at the new Android Contact Book. Google who can’t do anything without linking it all together has linked the Contact Book on your Android phone with Facebook™ as well as Twitter™.

The first thing it does is imports all your Facebook contacts onto your phone. This includes their pictures and what ever information such as phone and email address. Its both a win and lose situation. Win being that you now have all your contacts on your phone without having to add them. Lose being you have too many contacts including the ones your can’t call.

Facebook is taking over. Its as simple as that. Facebook is valued at over $50 billion and has changed the world since Bill Gates created Microsoft and Windows.

Do we need an e-mail address?
Email Addresses are used more as passports or access cards to websites than to keep in touch. Most users have 2 email address. One they use for communication and the other they use when signing up to anything online. But that is slowly about to change.

Facebook Connect is not available on over a million websites where you don’t need to create a separate account for that particular website. All you need to do is “Sign in with Facebook”. And if you are already logged onto Facebook on another tab. All it takes is a click. I

Red Bull Website

So then why do we need e-mail address when messages can be sent via Facebook. Only the corporate world I guess. But since Facebook is getting more and more personal. Do we really need a “personal” email address? One positive thing I look forward to is not having to send mails to addresses like funkychickxx124@xxx.com

Next Generation?
I really don’t think when my dad was grooving with his friends they dreamed that their children would be communicating with each other and them with wireless technology and radio waves.
So what about our next generation? Will Facebook be the final social network? Or will it fade away like hi5?
Can Zuckerburg and the boys at Facebook evolve with people lifestyles? Or is the expiration date of Facebook getting closer?


4 thoughts on “Facebook Future

  1. I have my doubts about Facebook being the final social network. By the time we’re old and wrinkly, social networking will probably have advanced into an entirely new experience.

    • True that. I can picture where the world is connected by 1. Instant messaging. Digital hoardings that are linked to one global online market. Facebook is the stepping stone.

  2. To be honest, this whole facebook integration for everything is a little much. I have an Android phone and it annoys me that it automatically syncs all the contacts from facebook and their pictures and birthdays and what not. Email on facebook, I dunno. Maybe I’m being old fashioned but I’m still very much in to email although I won’t deny fb is very convenient, depending on what you use it for.

    But, I’m more inclined to agree with The Puppeteer. Facebook can’t be it, like everything else it will also be around until the next best thing..or evolve.. anyways, nice post! 🙂

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