Shooting Film

I got myself a Canon 3000N as a gift from my good friends mother. Its a fantastic piece of equipment, complete with a 28-70 kit lens. I really don’t think i’ll get myself more lenses for it since I mainly shoot portraits. Shooting film is awesome but like everything there are pros and cons.

The Pros:

Full Frame. Amazing Depth of Field (even when I set it for none). The Saturation <3. The weight of the camera.

The Cons:

Film role is damn expensive, it costs 310 bucks for a 24 roll of 200 ISO. Can not preview pictures (Duh). The automatic stinginess of taking shots.

It will be accompanying me for my trip to Galle for the Galle Lit Fest. He will be next to my Digital Camera. They’ll probably avoid talking as my Digi asks him awkward questions and how he functions and shows off his LCD. The Film would be too shy to talk to the Digi anyway. Kinda like the nerd and the cheerleader scene. I’ve actually come to the point where instead of scanning the pictures I just take shots of them with my phone or digi cam and upload. But the quality is never that good. So yeah. Time to pay the studio to digitize them properly.

Smile when I take a picture of you in Galle. It’s gonna cost me.


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