“I used to take Photographs all the time.”

“Why did you stop?”

“Cause people started paying me for them”


The above is a quote from the movie “Catch and Release” staring Jennifer Garner. This was before when she was more known as “That girl from Alias.”

I used to take alot of pictures. Like alot. I was paid for taking everything from events to portraits. Even did a few shoots for vain girls who wanted good profile pictures for Facebook (names and bra sizes withheld!) I used to travel a lot more than I used to now and shoot everything. Always coming home with a couple of frame able photos.

Now I just lost the knack of it. My camera batteries were failing and it really bugged me when I went to shoot a bunch of kids for a football association and the camera died and they were all disappointed. And seeing their sad faces I vowed never to take up a job that I can’t do! And I pretty much gave up soon after that. Only taking the camera out if I really wanted to.

So time goes by and I move on with my life. My sister returns to the country and she bring her DSLR with her. Just for old times sake I took a couple of shots and realized how much I missed it. We have our own “genres” of photography that we’re good at. She’s good at the journalism stuff and food and events. I’m better and architecture and studio art.

Now everybody is a photographer. Prices have become so competitive that anybody can easily purchase an amateur DSLR and walk around like they are photographers. It’s not the camera that makes the picture. Its the eye. The camera is just a tool. That you need to use properly. If you are going to buy an DSLR and shoot on auto please don’t. It’s a waste of money and an epic fail in life.

I’m planning on getting a Canon 7D or a 9D next year. Pimp it up with some sexy lenses and later go dual cam. It all depends on how much money I save. Plus dad is being nice and offered to pay half. Despite my sister got a better offer and was paid full! But thats the perks of being a girl.

Hopefully I’ll be able to save enough money to buy the camera. Thats the first step. Like dad always says:

“Poor man pays twice”


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