New Beginning

At this very moment I’m at my brand new job. Its my first day. And we’ll its kinda weird. Having worked at one of the largest companies in the country working here is just weird.
Last time when I joined. I joined with a batch of 20 people 3 of whom stayed till the end of the road. This I join alone and at a designation that gives me authority. But I feel like I haven’t earned it. Yet. The work load is more strategic and theoretic as well as practical. So its quite a lot to input and output. The processing part depends on if I’ve had my morning share of caffeine or not.
Working at a smaller company makes things smoother. Shorter ques for getting anything done and less noise at office. My colleagues are yet to speak to me. I know 2 of their names but that’s it. Its a tech oriented firm so they are of that background and thus spend more time typing and looking at the screen than socializing. I’ve been hired to do the tech part as well as the socializing. The hybrid of sorts. Though I don’t think we’ll be getting set for any office gatherings with a bottle. Maybe a tech talk about the new iphone OS.

But its a new beginning and that’s always a good thing. You can still swim in the deep end with your fingers crossed…


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