What Women wear matter to some men!

Most men don’t normally care what women wear as long as its easy to remove. But for some guys like me and my colleague it really matters.
I’m from a very fashionable family. Our family business is in the fashion industry and so from a young age I have been trained to dress well and to look down on people who don’t dress properly. As said before in an older post point number 3, I always look for a women who can dress well. Doesn’t matter what body shape she is and what she likes. It all depends on how she can pull it off.

So my colleague D meets this girl who’s been dying to jump his bones for months for lunch. Before going we had a focus session where I gave him tips on how to make sure he shoots that basket through the hoop without facing a rejection or worse, an air ball. I don’t bother asking him about his date until the next day when he shows me a message.
Lets break it down. This girl really likes him and has never felt this way about another guy before and she really wants this relationship to go further than what it is now. She even said she loved him and then said afterward “There I said it!” Like saying it once wasn’t enough. And then she was like after the way you acted yesterday between you and me I don’t think I can ever talk to you again. You were so cold to me and something was off about you. But I can’t be treated this way and blah blah and more PMS.

I asked D what happened. He was like well it was what she was wearing. Apparently the white top she was wearing had pissed him off. It had ruffles on it. Something like this:
Ruffles - ladiesfashionsense.com

So the reason their relationship didn’t go to the next level and the reason that they could not be another happy couple was cause of Ruffles.

Looks and personality also play the part in being an awesome girl. But then don’t the best products in life come in a sexy package?


4 thoughts on “What Women wear matter to some men!

  1. Well, I think you both are really very silly, of course, but being a woman, totally understand the revulsion about the blouse. Are those beads on top of ruffles for God’s sake? And the synthetic fabric is simply awful, doesn’t sit well on the frame at all.
    However I think something is radically wrong with the two of you if you didn’t notice the nice skin tone and cleavage.

    • Er. Shammi I really don’t want to burst your bubble but thats an image off Google. The actual girl didn’t have much of cleavage and her skin tone was so-so. Her best features were eyes and her height.
      Not the kind of girl i’d go for but my friend has different taste.
      But the girl in the picture. Rawr.

  2. Just sayin’ it feels like there were deeper issues he chose no the engage in and picked out something generic to end it. I find it hard to believe that ONE outfit worn on a particular day is what messed things up.
    That being said I could be completely wrong and he could just be someone for whom external ‘packaging’ is at the forefront of what he is looking for in someone.
    Or he could be a dick.

    It goes many ways.

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