Move Along

The process where I’m working is shutting down so the big shots have given us two choices:

Be absorbed into the company. Or go home.

I chose option B. There is no way that I’m going to work for these idiots again. Especially at the positions they are offering. Not to mention the pay and the fact that there will be no growth! I’m supposed to meet HR in a couple of hours to talk some things out. I’m just going to ask them if they’ve credited my money to my bank account. Yeah life’s like that. I’m happy to leave but I’m quite bitter about the fact is that they didn’t notify us when our last day was. It was supposed to be tonight but they call us in the morning and inform us that it was yesterday. So we never got to do the things we planned on doing. Like bombing the place.

But good news and the most recent update would be that I actually have a new job offer! Something that I like doing. Something that will actually take place. Starting next month that is. And I can’t wait.


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