Shadow of Death

Apparently my family has a resident Witch Doctor (yes we’re that weird). I had not heard of his existence until last week when my cousin and my dad headed there for an issue my cousin had. Apparently the whole family has been visiting this guy for years and has been solving many issues that has befallen our family.

After my cousin was done with her voodoo enchantment he asked my dad where his son (me) was. My dad replied saying that I was asleep at home. He then took down my name and my birthday and did some mumbo jumbo and some math and came up with a shocking revelation.

Half the things he told my dad were quite accurate. Like that I go out a lot in the night. Which technically means work since I work to the American time which is from evening to early morning. That I was very social and had anger issues in the past. My dad surprised at his accuracy asked for more information.

He told my dad that I was going through a "bad period" where the stars were lined up to shoot me in the head. Technically I was being followed closely by the Grim Reaper. Death was close to my stead.

My dad soon became concerned. Without telling me the reason he slowly asked me to make an appointment with him this Thursday to meet this man who has advised my family for generations. My cousin told me everything about my impending death and he too warned me to be careful.

I’m not the type of person to walk around always looking over my shoulder. If death wants me he can come get me. And he and I can deal with it. Not some Witch Doctor in Wattala.

So when I go meet him on Thursday I’m going to find out how he does it. And then we’ll decide about the future.


8 thoughts on “Shadow of Death

  1. An astrologer isn’t a witch doctor, there’s a huge difference. The eastern concept of Astrology has some pretty old roots, very much older than of modern science. We need to keep an open mind about these things. All the best with Mr. Reaper. 🙂

  2. oh well. my horoscope reader said I’ll be super rich. meh, still waiting for that. hehe. don’t take it too much to heart 😉 good luck tho 😀

  3. o_O
    my hc reader has told amma that i was gonna get rich too. aiyo i hope that rich phase comes sooner!!
    good luck on your meeting!

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