“Archie Andrews taught me to be a Womanizer!” – Anonymous

Player Player

It was one of those nights. Where everyone had too much to drink and secrets became loose and plagues followed afterward. Where when your girlfriend goes out to get into a cab. But decides to come back cause it’s not there yet only to see her boyfriend hooking up with some girl in a corner.

First come tears, replaced by rage and then violent gestures. Which resulted in a girl being thrown onto the floor and a boy being hammered by a D & G handbag. Soon tears flood back and in and she’s running outside (where I happened to be standing with a girl). He trips over the stairs and as she walks down the road. He screams,

“Blame Archie Andrews! Archie Andrews thought me to be a Womanizer!”

I laughed for about 2 minutes and then I realized this kid was right!

Archie Andrews has been playing girls since the 60’s. He would always switch between Betty and Veronica and if he got bored of them he would just go to Cheryl Blossom who is quite the bombshell. Anyone who’s read Archie Comics knows that this is Archie’s nature to flirt with women, smooch women when the lights go out and for him to get Betty to fix his Jalopy before riding out to meet Veronica. Won’t that change any boy to follow in his footsteps? If you can actually get people believing in magic and dressing up to fight the middle age battle after reading Lord of the Rings obviously a few players are born from Archie Comics.


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