International Sneeze Festival?

So last Sunday I was bugged by my sister to take her and her friend to the so called International Spice Festival happening on Green Path which is known for having drag races during the weekend.  Donning my Batman t-shirt and linen pants I was ready to expect a festival of culinary artists and exotic cuisine. Oh I was wrong.  We were told to attend early due to the large crowds that flock to sneeze and tear in the spicy mists of the festival. Hawkers street has been happening for quite some time now but this year it became the International Spice Festival. A collection of cuisine from all over the world.

The only major improvement was the parking. Well organize, it flowed smoothly thanks to a quite large man with a loud voice who overruled the average Sri Lankan’s inability to park properly. The festival was restricted to one lane of Green Path, making sure that everyone was stuck together and had everyone up each others noses. The stalls were all not exotic per say. It was just all the hotel restaurants serving the same food for a lower price. For someone like me I’d rather pay the extra and sit in the AC and eat then stand in a 25 person line and eat while standing. The so called Entertainment was a band playing. They were not bad but they could have been better if the techno music playing from the speakers nearby was muted. It was a Kottu stand.

Sister said we were here to socialize. Well we did. Met up with the Whackster, The Puppeteer and other bloggers and non bloggers. The situation got so boring and out of hand we ended up standing at the Spice Festival for 1 and a half hours not eating anything and carrying out awkward conversation. We moved onto Barista’s where we decided to spend the rest of the evening until my sisters friend’s curfew stretched. I bought a small slice of cake to cut for Dad’s 57th at midnight and headed to Pilawoos for a real dinner with private sitting (the van) and service (the nana).

Maybe next year they’ll rethink their strategy. And actually make it fit to eat.


One thought on “International Sneeze Festival?

  1. It was actually better last year man when they had it at Galle Face.. plenty of room and they had a huge canopy in the middle with chairs n tables for ppl to sit and eat.

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