Summer Bummer

Summer is here and I like most people like to spend it in various parts of the island and to indulge in the nightlife that Sri Lanka has to offer. After the recent IIFA awards where our country was overwhelmed by Indian Mega Stars and their faithful followers the party continues. I was at Cinnamon Grand 2 hours ago and there are still many Indian tourists who have extended their holidays even after the IIFA awards have finished.

Summer also brings in all of my friends who live in various parts of the world. Seeing them change after a year seems so odd. New accents, new lifestyles, new slang, new fashion, new thigh size and many more changes. To get more familiar to these changes I’m being invited for dinners and drinks every Wednesday and Friday night. Sadly I can’t join them because I’m stuck at work on those days.

Presently I’m sick of my job. Its getting to me as being totally not worth it. And tiresome. Not to mention socially challenging. I’m currently looking for a job and if anyone does know any openings in the field of Marketing/Advertising please do send them my way. Help a brother out 😉

Hope the Summer is better for you than it is for me.


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