Saving Daylight

I’ve been so busy I’ve neglected this blog long enough.

Work has been hectic and the main cause for this negligence . Its not letting me sleep, study or get laid. So I’m deciding to move onto a normal job. Pay may not be good. But I like my sleep too much. Exams are round the corner. And I’m up almost every morning studying and then working during the night. The only thing driving me is Nescafe and the pay that I will get once I finish my exams. It’s all for the future. And I hope for a bright one. With lots of money.

I am currently socially deprived. For the past 2 months I spend Friday night at work and missing out all the people who were down for Easter. This Summer I won’t miss out. I know I sound like a brat but I love my night life.

I’ve been revamping my life digitally. I finally got the computer upgrade. I’m now running a Core 2 Duo with 4 Gigs of RAM and an awesome motherboard! So I’ve decided to focus on my digital art as well. Starting uploading to my deviantart again. The link for that can be found here.

I’m looking for a job as always. This time I’m going to look for something I like. Something in my field. I was thinking something along Marketing (duh) and maybe Media or Tourism. Advertising agencies and the tourist board will be the first lookouts. But even something close to that I wouldn’t mind.

I’m loosing in touch with my photography. The root cause is cause my camera is getting old. Battery problems. Shutter problems and so on. Until I get a new one I’ll have to make do with this. And it won’t be the greatest. I’m still broke.

I’m thinking of a new theme for this blog. I’ve still deciding on whether I should purchase this as a domain. Hmmm has a good ring to it. Also something with a nice image header.

In the comic world Bruce Wayne is back, Superman is fighting his own kind, Wonder Woman is still hot,Green Lantern comics are disappearing off shelves and Flash is convicted of murder! But that world only interests a small percentage of people in the country.

Currently planning a scavenger hunt and a re-union BBQ for my batch. I’ll be back with work stories 🙂


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