Etisalat coming to Sri Lanka

This is old news but for those of you who don’t know Etisalat bought over Tigo for $207 million. Etisalat is UAE’s only service provider and was run by the state. Etisalat has been going on a shopping spree all over Asia. Buying various network providers in Africa as well.

With Airtel coming in last year mobile tariffs have dropped badly. Dialog recorded quite a loss last year after reducing their call rates by more than 50%. Now with Etisalat buying over Tigo and taking over the 20% market share that Tigo has captured over the past many years as Celltel other service provides better beware.

Etisalat obviously has much more funding than Tigo. Tigo actually have quite a few decent packages and their tariffs aren’t so bad but they weren’t aggressive enough. They advertised more than Mobitel, hoardings, radio and TV. But they only caught on with new users and were not successful to convert users. Maybe due to the fact that Tigo did not have a strong brand name.

Anyway Etisalat is here to do a better job than Tigo. So lets see them do it.


4 thoughts on “Etisalat coming to Sri Lanka

  1. @ Maf: DU came to the market recently after the Dubai Financial crisis.

    @ Santhoshi : They are expensive cause until recently they were the only service providers for hte UAE. Though I think they will run into trouble cause of the many service providers here fighting for the largest bite of the cake.

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