Valentines Day

Beach Love by Ahamed Nizar

I don’t celebrate Valentines Day.

I don’t believe that one day of the year is the probably the only day for no given reason that you treat your special someone extra special. Valentines Day has been molded by todays society into a day which benefits flowers companies and gift shops. The romantic music played on the radio 2 days before hand captures the girls and some guys with its lyrics about hearts and always being there for you. So girls expect their guys to go out the way and give them something fantastic. Places such as Havelock Bungalow and Golden Mile are booked for romantic dinners weeks in advance. Hotel Restaurants are crowded with couples bathing in candle light and cheesy music as they taste heart shaped deserts made specially for this day.

The Singles

Singles are supposed to be ones that get hit the most. I don’t exactly see how but apparently the marketing of valentines day is so that the singles will probably get a girl next year and celebrate with the rest of the happy couples.

Dmello says “I feel bad for people who are single and are made to feel like they are missing out.” But really are they?

Those who prefer to stay single have decided to band together and celebrate the day doing much less mushy days. Last year when I was in school all of us who were single decided to hit it to Siam House for a quiet dinner. The turnout was quite alarming. Around 20 of us surrounded the table. Chatting about lost loves, one night stands and the one that got away. Signals fired in every direction and some people didn’t leave alone.

This year Park Street is had a Soiree tonight for singles with live music and Street Food. I was supposed to attend but I woke up a bit too late and now spend Valenties Day at home. Online.

The Economics of V.Day

Cupid had to cut back on expenses this year cause his turn out won’t be as high as last year. Recessions affects the supernatural as well.

“Consumers plan to spend an average $102.50 on Valentine’s gifts and merchandise this year, down from 2008’s $122.98 per person, according to the National Retail Federation’s 2009 Valentine’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions survey, conducted by BIGresearch.”

Putting it to Lankan terms I conducted my own survey. The sample was about 3 people. And the average I got was about Rs. 6000. A bouquet of roses come to about Rs. 2500 – 4000 as prices have gone up due to V.Day. And the remaining money is spent on small gifts such as Love mugs, cards, sexy lingerie and picture frames. Roses are always a must and is demanded by some women. Valentines day is not complete with roses.


Obviously with all the romance flying around couples are going to be jumping each other’s bones as soon as possible to get all the sexual build up of the whole day. Its come to such that a restaurant in Toronto, Canada encourages its diners to have sex in their bathrooms. Their bathrooms are lined with candles and condoms are available next to the sink.

Sales of items such as condoms, erotic oils and sex toys have increased globally (condoms only here) even in China. I guess with no social networking they’ve decided to spend their evenings connecting and putting Tai Chi to the test.

Valentines Day has evolved from the old tale of St Valentine to the commercial day it is now.

Happy Valentines Day everyone 🙂


4 thoughts on “Valentines Day

  1. I still remember a discussion we had in English class @ school, where a friend of mine said that if you want to avoid the price hike so much, why not buy roses earlier and stick it in the freezer. 😆 Anyway single or “double” 😛 it’ll only get to u, if u let it get to u. personally i had an atrocious Sunday and it had nothing to do with presence or absence of a fat naked kid in wings with a bow and arrow

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  3. Haha.. My Vday was spent on Youtube.. 😀 And like Dili said, ” It’ll only get to you, if you let it get to you ”

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