Election Night. LAN party. Appendicitis.

For this years presidential election the boys decided to have a LAN party and bro’s place. It was going to a be a gala event with 6 computers all pimped with Warcraft 3 and the D.O.T.A map, 2 bottles of White Rum and a 24inch TV showcasing the election results as they happen.

I left home at about nine. Bro lives around the corner so the blue space ship sat at home bored out of her mind cause election really don’t matter to a van. She’s painted blue anyway so she’s already on the winning side.  My right lower abdomen was hurting since the time i left. And it continued to until i got there and set up my gaming gear. I mentioned it to bro and thaw (the doctor). The told me to warn them if the pain was unbearable so that i could be rushed to hospital. Bro kept telling me that pain in the lower areas are not to be taken lightly. He should know cause he had testicle torsion.

After 4 games of D.O.T.A and a bit of election hooting. The pain became unbearable. So thaw told me lie down on the bed and put 3 years of medical college education to test… By poking me around the areas it hurt. Soon he pinpoint the pain to my right lower abdomen and announced to the room of drunks that it it could be appendicitis. So i was rushed to the medical clinic in Nugegoda. There the lady doctor did the same thing. Poked me. Again. And told me the same thing that thaw said. She told me to go to Asiri Surgical to either operate or give in a blood and urine test.

So on the way to Asiri i called dad and told him the situation. He got in the jeff-mobile and headed to Asiri ASAP. At Asiri i went through my third session of tummy poking. This doctor was lighter than the lady at Nugegoda. So i was a bit happier. The recommended treatment was a blood and urine test. Which i delivered as the doctor ordered.

I then went back to my LAN party and played the night away until the afternoon in which I had to get my test results back. I was then directed toward the Ultrasound Labs. So I sat in the waiting room with pregnant women and a pregnant man waiting for my number to be called. As I went in the room was all dark and scary. The radiologist sat in a corner he’s back to me. The nurse asked me to lie down and lift my shirt up. Once the doctor was ready he came over. And did the poke therapy. Again. Then he applied some freezing blue paste onto this scanner and ran that bloody thing all over my lower abdomen. Then he poked me. Again. With the stupid bloody scanner. Which was bigger that the normal finger size so it did a bit more damage.

The results were printed out in the next 10 mins and i was asked to show it to a physician who will tell me what the eff the picture means. The physician was a nice chap. He conducted his own tummy poking investigation. This is number 5. God I feel violated. He told me the who’s and whats. He told me that the best thing is to go for another Ultrasound test. Which i placed an appointment for the next day at 6 AM!

So by now Sarath had lost and Mahinda had won. Election officer was MIA and 7 degrees wasn’t serving Harvey Wallbangers. But that was all in a Sri Lankan election. The sad part was that I didn’t care who won as long as it was done fairly. With the amount of rumors going around it leaned towards the government not playing fair. But who knows what happens behind white walls.

Soon I was back in home. Planning Galle. The pain in my abdomen after the  7th tummy search turned out to be my lymph nodes knotted in my omen tum. They were going to operate for nothing.

Phew. Next post will be on the trip to Galle and GLF.

Not to mention. SRI LANKA’s BEST PIZZA!


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