Not all Chinese women are hookers

The international prostitute market in Sri Lanka is split very obviously. You have Russians, Thai and Chinese occupying the top percentages while other nationalities such as Romanian, Philippine and even British occupying the bottom percentage. Seeing that Chinese and Koreans practically look the same and since China has a large slice of the cake, people assume that the Koreans are Chinese and don’t bother correcting themselves. Well cause they’re hookers.

So the other day I was in one of our well known 5 star hotels in the elevator. A lot of random thoughts were running through my head such as: How did they even think of an elevator?, where are my shades?, guy next to me is wearing a nice tee. When the doors opened and this Chinese looking woman got on board. She was dressed glamorously (and a bit trashy). A tight red dress that stopped somewhere around her butt. A bit of flashy jewelry. Not too much to boast about and not too little to cry about. Her face was plastered with make up of many different shades of red and her lips were the red that gives vampires and sharks hard ons.

The two other guys who were in the elevator with me started conversing in Tamil. Since I understood Tamil and the elevator was small enough for everyone to hear I had no choice but to eavesdrop.

-“Wonder how much?”

-“Must be around 100 US”

“Thats too much for this hag”

“Maybe we can bargain?”

Those were some of the sentences that I picked up that were being thrown by the two other men. Soon the lift came to the lobby and we all got off. We all ended up walking towards the same direction and so as a group we made our way to the exit. I gave the valet my number and waited for him to bring my car.

The other two guys on the other hand were quite interested in the lady from the elevator. Finally they worked out the clicks, grew the balls and walked up to her. But before they got to her. Her HUSBAND and TWO CHILDREN walk toward her and they start conversing to her in Mandarin. The two guys backed off and decided to pursue something else. I watched as she kissed her husband on the cheek and carried the smaller of her children.

She was apparently a tourist who had come to Sri Lanka for holiday (no doubt after reading the NY Times). And was just like any other tourist. If she was white they would have thought that she was a tourist and nothing else.

Just because she happened to be Chinese and dressed like she was going for a dinner labelled her a hooker in the Sri Lankan mind.


16 thoughts on “Not all Chinese women are hookers

  1. LOL!
    Would have been horrible if they did go up and say how much.
    I don’t know about trashy, but the Chinese women that I was surrounded with while studying in Malaysia wore pretty much the same thing. Being too revealing or loud wasn’t really a problem and I don’t think they see it that way.
    I guess Sri Lanka is still not ready to step outta it’s conservative shell.

  2. @ Sabby: In other countries such as Malaysia or Singapore or even Korea thats how the dress. They have no problems there. Its just cause our country is a bit conservative that the problem arises.

    @ Santhoshi: Aunts are the worst! The older generations are lot worse than the younger ones. Its probably cause we’re more open minded…

  3. ha ha ha

    Chinese and Koreans/Japanese are different – generally Chinese have round faces while the Japanese and Korean’s have long faces.

    Did’nt know there were Koreans or Western Europeans in the market, are you sure?

    • Well people don’t look at the small differences. Its just easier to put them under one roof.

      There always have been. Western Europe is rare. Not as common as the Eastern European. Most people don’t know cause they think they’re tourists.

  4. “Just because she happened to be Chinese and dressed like she was going for a dinner labelled her a hooker in the Tamil mind.”


  5. East Asians probably have it the worst, but it’s not just them who get it. My white female friends used to constantly be thought of as prostitutes. And when I (a sri lankan female) was out in public with white males, people would treat me like a prostitute.

    • It happens alot and sometimes its unavoidable. In your case people label any girl with a while male a hooker. Or any girl with a large group of males a hooker. It’s sad. I guess awareness is needed. But that is also a debateable issue.

  6. 1 day similar thing was happen near the MC(Not 2 me.).
    I agreey with Nick most of Sri Lankans(Sinhala,Tamils, Muslims ) / genaral community is not exposed 2 open cluture.(in onehand it is good but smtym i feel our ppl behave lyk fundamentalist which is nt good).
    Nice post keep it up.

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