Techno Shopping Spree

So today i went for the EPSI Clearance sale they are having at their main showroom 8th floor. Its quite the thing if your into computers like me. I know Dili will find this post interesting.

There were so many things on display. Tables of tables of good stuff that was being thrown away. Men were standing in line since 8AM and when they opened the doors at 10 they were fighting over computer parts like women fight over clothes and journalists fight for freedom of speech.

It was hectic as people ran away with boxes and guys fought over certain items and while one person actually nicked another guys headset and went and paid for it.

I walked off with:

A Creative Noise Canceling Headset, HN 700
A Sound Blaster 5.1 Card for my friend
A AKG wireless headset for dad.
And a USB Creative X-FI soundcard.

Total cost me around 14,000. The actual market price is about 30,000

Tomorrow is the last day and I plan on going and seeing if want any more stuff there… 🙂


3 thoughts on “Techno Shopping Spree

  1. Sigh.. i saw on GLK and was facepalming myself to hell and back. I didnt know -____- not that im any less broke right now to do anything other than drool 🙂 I knew EPSI was going bankrupt, didnt think they’d have to clear out their stocks like this though. O_o

    Nice haul man, like the HN700 and the Sound Blaster . price pwnage 😀

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