Friends with benefits

We meet on sundays
and we go out.
I buy you lunch.
You take me lingerie shopping.
We grab some ice cream.
We argue about flavors.
You cry about the boys you have.
I whine about the girls i don’t have.
I come over to your place.
We watch some tv.
You come over to my place.
We listen to music.
You kiss my lips.
My hand moves up your shirt.
You kiss me longer.
I press my self onto you.
We fall off the bed.
Onto the bedroom floor.
You wrap your legs around me.
I work my way through your shirt.
You grab my head.
As i kiss your breasts.
You arch your back.
As i go down on you.
We climb onto the bed.
We take the rest of our clothes off.
You moan softly.
As I enter you.
You whisper dirty words into my ear.
I kiss your neck and thrust harder.
We’re done soon.
We lie next to each other. Breathing.
You get dressed.
I check my mail.
We’re back in the van.
Laughing about someone’s misfortune.
You get off at the gate.
I drive off without looking back.
We don’t meet again.
Till lunch next sunday.


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