Did I do the right thing?

So A-Killer and I were walking back from class at around 1PM. It was on Havelock road where a large concentration of schools are. So it was normal for school boys to be loitering around their favourite hot spots along this busy Colombo road.

While we walked towards the bus stop a boy maybe about 16 or 17 years of age grabbed my hand.


1. pulled my hand away and kept on walking.

2. grabbed his hand as well and twisted in until he screamed uncles

3. stopped and asked what he wanted

4. punched him with my other hand

5. screamed and A-Killer hit him with her hand bag

I did number 3. He asked me if I could buy him 2 Goldleafs from the shop since he’s in uniform he can’t buy it. Before A-Killer could say a work i took the money, got the Goldleaf and gave it to him.

When I came back A-Killer gave me a stare and walked off.

I kept thinking.

Did I do the right thing?


10 thoughts on “Did I do the right thing?

  1. firstly, in terms of the law, what you did was wrong. but fuck that 😛

    second, you’re not the only adult he could’ve asked to buy cigarettes for him, you’re just the first one who said yes, trust me he wouldn’t gotten his cigarettes somehow.

    third, those two cigarettes aren’t going to kill him, but the environment you’re in and how available these things are factor in to how often you smoke and whether or not you get addicted. when I started smoking, I used to collect coins lying around the house and go to the kade and buy a gold leaf (back when it was only 11.50) and smoke it in some corner of the house. Back then they weren’t so strict about selling to kids etc, I was 12 or 13, and I don’t remember that many friends being smokers back then. So what influenced me was the availability, not peer-pressure or the “cool” factor. Whenever I got frustrated or in a bad mood I’d get some coins and go buy a cig, then sit down somewhere and smoke.

    As for this dude, maybe he had a shit day in school, or maybe he hates going back home and the gold leaf helps him cope at least a little, OR maybe he just needs it to look cool among his friends, or maybe he’s just an idiot. Whatever it is, I don’t think you really need to bother asking yourself if it was right or wrong, no one can tell you that besides your self. However many opinions you might get, their other people’s opinions, yours is the only one that matters. If what you did was out of impulse, a gut feeling that said alright, then maybe it was right. If you did it because you thought “what the heck I’m not losing anything”, then maybe it was a bit brash. If you did it because “I smoked at that age too”, then maybe it was kinda dumb 😛

    But you’re the only one who knows why you did it at that moment, and you’re the only one who can judge whether it was right or wrong. Fuck everyone else. If you think what you did was right, that’s all that matters. If you think it was wrong, boo hoo 😛

  2. Thank you Imaad for that long comment. My phone browser took its time.
    Alot of what you said was right. I was not losing anything. Someone would have bought him the fags anyway! I just saved him the trouble. I just felt bad because in some way i encouraged him to smoke. I like to think that he has issues at home and i helped him cope. But what if he was just another idiot who’s addicted to cigarettes and i just helped him in his own stupidity.
    Sigh. Should i feel guilty? Don’t think so. I should just moved on cause we were both walking different ways on havelock road.

    • why does it matter if you “should”? if you feel guilty, then you feel guilty, if you don’t, then you don’t. beyond what you feel, what others think or feel doesn’t matter. it isn’t going to make it any different, the kid isn’t going to die faster or slower just because someone thinks it was bad or good.

      just keep walking, your sight on where you are, and not where you were. keep looking behind and you’ll walk into a pole, look to far ahead and you’ll trip on a stone. you’re here now and that kid is not in the picture, so stop worrying 😛

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