My Top 5 Songs of All Time

Everybody listens to music. Thousands of songs have been released since the day we have been listening to music. It’s something that has embedded itself into our day to day lives as if though its been there since you were born.

Music is a part of us. We all own ipod’s or mp3 players or listen to music off phones or still use Audio CD’s (like me!).

Despite that large volume of music that we have listened to there are always a bunch of songs that we can always listen without getting “sick” of it.

These are my top 5 songs of all time.

5. Chillin’ – Modjo

I really lost touch with this song. I had the original Modjo CD when their album came out. A huge fan of it. And over the years the CD went missing and I forgot the name of the track. Still i hummed it from time to time when I felt like it. Then about a year or so ago when my sis was down I heard Chillin’ playing from her room. I run in to see the laptop screen with Dee’s blog on it. It was playing off her “Playa”. It was such a joyful reunion! After mesmerizing the song name I downloaded it onto my PC and phone and listen to it still.

Thank you Dee

4. Adams Song – Blink 182

One of my favourite bands. I still listen to their albums. Adams Song is my fav. Its about suicide. Listen to the lyrics carefully and you’ll get it. Damn you Sis for breaking my cd!

3. I don’t know why – Moony (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)

I first heard this song on Ministry of Sound’s Clubbers Guide to Summer 2009. I was at the moment playing Counter Strike while listening to the album. The first couple of songs were quite the upbeat tracks. But as soon as this song played I just calmed down. Its slow melody and beat reminded me of the beach. The rising and falling of tones contrasted the waves.

I was in another state of mind.

2. Don’t want to miss a thing – AeroSmith

Sadly this is the only song of AeroSmith that made it to #1. Of the soundtrack for Armageddon. Which is another first class movie. Its on this set where he met his daughter Liv Tyler. He never knew she existed until they met on the set. The symphony of the orchestra is breath taking.

1. Music Sounds Better With You – Stardust

My all time favourite song! Thariq and I would listen to this song while jogging on the beach during the old days of rowing. I first heard it on ITN. They used to play all the Daft Punk Discovery videos and once in a while they would play this song. It was always a top pick since I was 10 years old. And who doesn’t like the video!

[All the titles will lead you to their YouTube videos]

What are your favourite songs of all time? Post em up!!!


18 thoughts on “My Top 5 Songs of All Time

  1. Favorite songs of ALL time? That’s a pretty difficult question to answer. I’ve long been a Beatles fan, so my list would have to include at least one Beatles song. As for the rest of the list, inconclusive.

    ~ C.H.
    Music news, artist reviews, and upcoming songs at the new Decibel Blog.

  2. Actually i first typed this as my top ten songs. Then i battled with my mind to chose the top 5. It was hard. Other songs were
    breathe – sean paul fe blu cantrell
    one more time – Daft Punk
    Saving me – Nickel Back
    Let it be – Beatles
    Get up – Global Dj’s
    and more.

    Oh dee wait for my next post. Lol.

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