Echelon Extraction

[23.06 EST 22/11/2009]
[Electronic Mail from Agent Drew to girlfriend Ashley Burton]

Hey Ash,
I’m heading out tomorrow to Somalia. All these issues with the pirates have caused the government to investigate Somalia closer. And guess what?! They found oil. So the CIA set out a cargo ship full of sailors to be caught by the Somalian pirates that patrol the Indian Ocean. Their mission is to get caught and to be bought inland. The sailors who are actually CIA agents will then infiltrate the Somalian Pirate syndicate and bring it down from the inside. Along with that we are to capture the Captain of the Somalian Pirate Syndicate and keep him alive and hidden so that by then they boys at the UN will be able to get global appeal to send the Marines to prepare for an assault. The cause of this assault is to find the Captain whom we have already captured.
Then the remainder of the CIA agents are to move to the Somalia oil spots and infiltrate and take over with a couple of dummy companies that will actually be sending the oil back home.
Its a two birds with one stone situation. And if goes to plan will go smoothly. We’ll end a Pirate Syndicate, obtain some oil and leave with no-one knowing about it.
I’m telling you this because I am one of those CIA agents that are supposed to be captured by the Somalians. The probability of this mission actually working out are around 28%.
The mission can end in so many ways that I just wanted you to know what I really did for a living.
I’m not an Insurance Consultant. I’m a spy. And I love you.


Keywords : Mission Black Skull,

[Additional Notes]
Mission Black Skull was a failure resulting in the death of 7 Agents, Agent Drew included]


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