Lady Gaga : Murderer

So Lady gaga was on her way to ACE Awards to receive her award for her contribution to style. So she’s on her way there and all the photographers are lined up waiting for her camera finger twitchy.

One photographer was smart enough and he stood on top of a high ladder and armed himself with the camera. Please with himself he sets himself up and waits for Lady Gaga to arrive.

And arrive she does with quite a bang. As soon as she got out of the limo she was so terrifying that the photographer on the ladder feinted and fell off the ladder to his death.

This was what she was wearing that scared the daylights out of that poor man.

And in more hilarious news she is planning on starting her own clothing line. To commit more murder. Her dedication to fashion will create a rave in the fashion world. There will be more people walking around with lace, feathers and planets on one item of clothing.

This is the woman who wants to start her own clothing line :

I fear for the fashion word.


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