Room Art

“I enjoy creativity at 2AM” is the msn name a friend of mine is currently using.
The other day I couldn’t sleep so I put the stereo on. Put the Ibiza Annual 2008 and lied down on my bed and closed my eyes. You know when you look at a light and close your eyes there are little dots fluttering around the darkness of your closed eyelids?
Well those dots turned to lines, which joined each other at points, forming shapes which soon filled with colour.
I got up. Went to my table and went through my pen holder. Grabbing my marker I swiftly drew while the images were in my head. Soon the image disappeared from my head and was now applied on the sheet of paper before me.
It was a Ninja. Typical me. I’ll upload it onto Rose Tinted Art soon.
I still couldn’t sleep. The music was now reaching a high that was making my mind sharper. With the bass followed the shapes. And soon with the marker in my hand I started drawing unexplainable things on my walls.





My mother wasn’t too happy. But yeah. There is more. Like Bob who’s jumping off my dressing table mirror.


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