Living Healthy

Looking at my life the other day, I realized im living a really unhealthy lifestyle.

I eat 3 times a day like any other person but my volume is at times more than average. I sometimes go for a 4th meal around 2AM in the morning when I’m awake. Another thing is my sleeping habits. I sleep very late at night and if I have class i get up early again having only a few hours of sleep. Again unhealthy.

I spend a large amount of time on the computer. Ranging from Counter Strike to Photoshop to Facebook. I need to change that and get out a bit more. Reduce my time online and increase my time outdoors.

I spoke to dad and am getting the Fingara membership changed to my name. This way I can gym/swim/pool/bar freely without any issues.

Also my weight is bugging me. I don’t gain but I don’t lose either. So its going to be a full fledged diet plus exercise. Planning on going vegan again. Last time I went vegetarian was for love. This time its for Life.

Going to reduce the consumtion of substances as well. I’m not a smoker or a drinker who needs to have a cigarette a day or what not. I just do it when I go out. Social smoker/drinker as they say. But I realized the longer i’ve been at it, the more I consume. So I need to put a stop to that. I need to control it.

Gonna sign up for a language class. Probably something like Japanese or German.

I’ve mentioned taking kickboxing before, but now I’ve decided to get on with it. I tried it once and it was quite a stress buster.

I need a new source of income. My intitial resource, Parents. Is drying up. Need to do something. Maybe even tution. Any other ideas?

Anyway I’m off now, class is about to start. I’m going to leave you with this hilarious website from the lolcats network.

and for the guys (and girls)

Have a good one 🙂


7 thoughts on “Living Healthy

  1. I was going to ask *with excitement* kickboxing, where dude?!?! but then ur comment answered it all.. 😦

    Its a good start when u set ur mind you want to be healthy and not treat ur body treat. Trust me, the messing around to ur body can happen for only so long..

    Good luck man…

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