Being Safe on Kottu

My parents while reading the paper had found out about the kottu section. The read the posts. Hummed agreeably to some posts, laughed at others and sighed at the remaining. But then they saw their sons comment on a post that was now in the paper.

They were quite alarmed (no humming involved) to see my name on the paper. It was because of the subject content. My parents are fine with me blogging. But they always were uneasy since I use my real name and blog. And this comment was posted on a post that thekillromeoproject had written about Sarath Fonseka. My comment was pretty neutral (I guess) and the facts were fictional so there might be some downside to it.

With my name on it my mother thinks that the STF are going to knock on my door and take me away. Dad gave me a bit speech about safety and being careful about blogging. Its never been a problem before but now that kottu is in print we have to think twice about posting.

People have aliases that range from a personality (DramaQueen) to a fantasy (Messiah of Madness). I on the other hand prefer to write using my own name. It doesn’t make me braver or anything. It just shows I have nothing to hide.


24 thoughts on “Being Safe on Kottu

  1. ah well i can imagine that.. was reading through the posts and was glad i hadnt commented on anything there, cos i blog with my real name too..

    btw does indi ask ppl for permission to print out their posts?

  2. Indi Jackass is creating trouble for others. Typical of Indi Padashow Samarajiva. What a way to earn a living. Promote self interests at the expense of others, the Indi Kottu way.
    His Article 14 today is “blowing my own trumphet” all the way. Doesn’t the sunday leader have any editorial policy? Why do they allow one idiot to take advantage of their paper?
    Indi is selling others. Irony is no one seems to realize the longterm effects of this. Just too much risk man. Indi padashow is risking others for his own future political ambitions. Tragic

    • Firstly, Kottu is non-profit. No single party gains from being on kottu. Everyone who’s on kottu gains from self recognition.
      The print version is a way of expanding the kottu audience.
      The risks are taken when they post/comment. Whether it is online or offline.

      And for the last time enough with this padashow crap. Grow up.

  3. There is a point to this you know, a wider audience does not necessarily mean one as open to comment as kottu has been so far – there was some discussion a few weeks ago about how soon GOSL would wake up to the fact that perhaps blogs and bloggers too needed to be encouraged to follow the recommended route of “fair weather” commentary.

  4. @ Gehan- Indi did mail me about my post before publishing it.

    My parents haven’t got a clue about my published post ’cause I blog as The Puppeteer. But as a journalist I’ve told them straight off that I intend to write about politics and while they were a little apprehensive about it, they’ve never discouraged me of the idea 🙂

  5. Srilankan bloggers on kottu should not let that one website consume them. If you want your blog to get some serious attention, you must first realise there is a world you need to cater to outside of Kottu. A friend recently told me that Bailaman’s blog gets 16,000 unique visitors daily. Kottu chips in at 100+ – 200 clicks max. So now with a print version more people get engrossed in Kottu but it’s doing little all for your own blogs.

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  7. only interesting thing about this post is what it says about this blogger and his parents’ silly paranoia .

    next post here – ahamed nizar’s parent’s were afraid their son was in that balloon .

      • no
        why do you assume that only reason ppl do not blog in their own name is fear ?
        your silly paranoid mindset ? lol

        as for my real name, if you really want it, you can find it displayed in my blog in non text format ( as well as why i don’t like it to be displayed in text).
        don’t want to visit and search my blog ? ask me through email if you want, as others have. i always give it when asked like that.

        it can also be found without my help

        some including indi padshow have even attacked me using it.

        now why the irrational paranoia?

        • I read your blog its quite interesting.

          But what I’m saying is blogging with your name has always been a risk. Example Dinidu De Silva who received threats and calls and was soon asked to close his blog by his own employee. If you blogged under your real name rather than the sitting nut then you would probably receive the same treatment. If you already don’t work for the government that is.

          Read 🙂

          • how very typical .
            out of valid arguments, you try to imply that i work for government . lol

            btw i don’t believe word of what dinidu de alwis says bc he falsely attributed a quote on me and then deleted his blog on the day i asked him to explain and point where i said it .
            he is yet to provide an explanation for false quote.
            he said in an email that his employer’s corporate policy was what led him to close his real name blog . he seems to have given you other reasons. as i said never trust the liar .

            you are unable to give a single instance of anyone actually being threatened by government for blogging, which is what you fear.
            so to repeat what you have is irrational fear . you link also cannot give a concrete example.

            indi has been expressing similar irrational fears for years . he is continuing with his blogging ( and falsehoods ) . making his earlier fears a joke
            so to repeat your fear is irrational bc it is not based on anything real

            as for silly trolls making threats, i ( and i am sure others ) get that all the time. i was also attacked in most scurrilous fashion by sanjana hattotuwa in 2006 and by indi.padshow several times times ( some times using my real name ), and by their suckers boys all the time
            to fear trolls is irrational .
            fear truth and reason challenging falsehoods and irrationality, if you want ( bc that fear will lead you to stick to truth and reason ).

            • Yes your argument is very valid. But don’t you think that by voicing our opinion about the government that it would lead to some danger? Since the government has been keeping an eye on internet material.

              And anyway its not only the government. St Fallen once wrote a post called “A joker in the house of god”. After that post was published, apparently a muslim organization called him and told him to put the post down.
              Its all about content.

              And trolls come and go.

              Dinidu’s story cannot be confirmed. So no-point arguing about it. I myself have argued about a topic to him and he deleted my comment.

              Taking content aside. Don’t you think the risk is higher if you blog with your real name and not a pseudonym?

  8. i thought i will add this to my comment posted few min ago bc of reply you made to a comment above

    i don’t know who jacky above is, but indi is major part of padashow blog .and as long as he deny that, that connection should be made imo. i know that some bloggers are afraid of offending indi for obvious reasons, but then others aren’t.

  9. I don’t think people give a fart about this Padashow Indi fart. Everyone knows who is Padashow, irony is Indi Samarajiva thinks others are fools like him. LOL !

    Safety was always an issue on Kottu. Its an inherent problem with Kottu. Afterall its run by a jackass called Indi. How can anyone be safe with a NGO businessman? Only Sittingnuts can oppose him. Hail our hero, the nut, sitting nuts

  10. uh, i guess there are issues going into print. I think it’s cool to be printed, but people must say OK. I try to mail everyone before. Must have a think about this

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