On the 27th of September i turned 19. The last teen year as they say. I didn’t actually celebrate on that day since I had been celebrating the whole week. Birthday week as it was called by my close friends and other September-ites. After partying from Amueseum to Lush to my room to the Pinnacle Rooftop it seemed fair to my body to give it a rest on Sunday. Drinking and Dancing for 4 days straight is never healthy.

The nights were fun and good. From Adam puking onto the sofa and an old couple making out on top of the puke, to Bro unknowingly but willingly trying to do a hooker in my van.

It’s my last teen year and people say a lot of things change when your 19. And they’re not wrong. Its come to a point where i cant use my age as an excuse. I’m now old enough to be held responsible for many things such as the business and the house. Its not bad, but I’d rather have some fun.

But the worst part is. I can feel myself getting older. Now my mornings start early, with a cup of tea and the papers I sit on the porch and read through the daily goings of our country. Then I move onto the financial times which of recently (after turning 19) I have had a great interest on. The sports page is just a skim through where detailed attention is paid to the Hit Ad. I’m browsing through the magazines thick pages looking for great deals on car audio equipment or computer parts because I want to be responsible and save money.

I’ve started to prioritize my life now. I was saving my money for a tattoo which I hoped to get soon, but then decided to save that money for more immediate purposes. Such as fixing my computer and travel.

I’ve decided to put a larger stake into the company seeing that I am part of it whether I like it or not. I check on the daily goings and the stocks and scope the competition.

With dad abroad on business I spend more time with mum. Before I would lock myself up in my room and read or be on the computer the whole day. Now I hang with her, asking her about restaurants that she wants to go to etc. I plan the drivers route in the morning making sure its efficient and for everyone benefit.

I am getting old.

And I think I’m starting to like it.


7 thoughts on “19

  1. Happy birthday (belated)… guessing by ur statement 4 nights of drinking n dancing, i don have to tell you to rock it on do i?!?! but still.. have a blast..!!

    The moment u feel ur gettin old, thts the end of life man.. forget the age.. live it up.

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