Why not Anarkali?

When I first heard that Anarkali was contesting I was like WTF. Who in the right mind will vote for her. Then I remembered that I was in Sri Lanka where politics is easier to win that chess.

Anarkali has quite a reputation. From being a rape victim to a on screen bimbo but yet she is trying to prove herself to the Sri Lankan people by contesting. Thing is we see her as the bimbo she is on tv. But other people actually idolize her. Parents want their daughters to be like Anarkali, Guys think Anarkali is the hottest person around etc etc. Obviously its a different sort of people who think this (God i’m being so stuck up, oh well).

Rumors are that she is to be proposed to one of the Rajapakse boys. Not Mahinda or Gota. They’re the Rayapakse boi’s. Supposedly to one of Mahinda’s kids. By getting her married into that family she secures a permanent position in the government per say. So probably just to prove that she really doesn’t need to get married to get into the government she’s contesting.

The first thing they got her to do when she started was to get a new wardrobe. Saree’s will do please. No more ODEL LIMITED or MONDY’s. Pallu all the way.

If the population like, which they do. And if she is going to be elected and can be easily manipulated (a Cheney – Bush manipulation will work well here), If she’s used to the spotlight and can talk to the people.

Why not Anarkali?


7 thoughts on “Why not Anarkali?

  1. “Guys think Anarkali is the hottest person around” – are u kidding me?!?!?!

    Well its Sri lankan politics, u need to be famous or on the spotlight, u don need to have sense of public service to be in elections or governance.. 🙂

  2. Come one, she’s not all that bad surely. She’s a bimbo but which politician has brains?

    At least she does not appear to be a thug and is certainly better than the likes of Duminda Silva.

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