I was using my dads pc for quite a while. I had an amazing pc. It fried when dad left it on during a thunderstorm. The motherboard fried, my one day old wireless router fried along with my printer/scanner/copier. Dad took full responsibility of the damage. So he got me a new motherboard.

Ok so he didn’t get me a new router or a printer. So its not exactly full, but I never ask my parents for anything. I just post it up here and hope it falls from the sky.

The motherboard he got me was an AsRock. The reason he bought this was cause there was no Intel or Asus motherboard available that matched the chipset. The motherboard was cursed. It didn’t allow some hardware to work. Some of the hardware worked for about 6 hours and then just stopped, including my modem. Which I cannot live without.

So I discarded the pc. It was collecting dust upstairs and I moved downstairs to my fathers pc. Soon conflicts came where I loaded the pc with too much software and it got slower and blah blah blah.

So dad got a new motherboard to replace the cursed one upstairs. A second hand Asus P4 motherboard. Not exactly the most up-to-date one, but I had no choice. I bought a 1GB ram stick from a guy on gamer.lk and I was moving smoothly. Still the pc wasn’t enough and the computer kept crashing when I ran full window apps such as counter strike. The 400MHZ DDR1 ram couldn’t keep up with CS3 and working was a pain.

After continuous shut downs the power supply gave away. Now the pc was of no use. So I sent it away to get my power supply replaced. When I told my cousin Julian about this problem he’s like.

“Ah I have this good motherboard lying around the house, You can take it if you want”

And I go “Ammatta-who-cut-your-hair”

Now I have a Foxconn 45cmx motherboard. Which will soon hold a E5200 Dual Core or better processor and 2 GB 667 DDR2 RAM. And I’m still looking for a graphics card. Probably a 512 NVIDIA PCIE x16.

Once that’s all put together. I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for a 22 inch LCD monitor.

And that is heaven.


4 thoughts on “Upgrade

  1. haha I have a foxconn motherboard too, and a Intel Xeon processor for some retarded reason, it’s got two actual PHYSICAL cpu’s O_O

    2 gigs of RAM and an old 512mb ati radeon rx2600 xt, it’s about 2 generations old apparently, but it satisfies me (:

    pc’s pretty smooth now, as I log on it takes 2 seconds for the “wait” mouse pointer to go off and I can use it 😀

    oh btw, I posted my desktop:

  2. I’ve got a Foxconn with Intel Dual Core, 2GB with no extra Graphics card running Win7, im trying my best to crash with multi app includin PSCS4 and Illus along with other desktop app…n 19″ wide screen LCD.. 😀 only glitch is i cant have any game on it, until i get a Graphics card..

    • Lol thats what i’m going for. I need to buy a card as well. Check gamer.lk there are alot of graphic cards for sale there.
      Windows 7… Hmmm i’ll get it when it comes out. And when it comes to OS i go and get an original! 🙂

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