Future Perfect?

I’ve decided not to university. Yes it seems a rash decision and its also a crappy way to start of  a post but there I did it.

I got the “university is going to cost us alot of money so don’t screw up speech” from my parents. I understand. Money isn’t easy to make, especially these couple of months. I then decided for personal reasons and for something harsh my parents said that its best if i don’t continue my studies abroad.

I told mum and dad its fine I can get a job and do some technical course (graphic designing?) in the country and get qualified so I can get a better paying job somewhere else.

It’s probably not going to work out. I might not get a great job in the future where nowadays companies look at the abbreviations after your name before hiring. But others have made it without the letters so maybe I can.

My friends aren’t happy about it. My closest friend isn’t happy at all. But she still advised me on what to do. She’s going to England to do some bio, medical course and told me that I shouldn’t waste my talent staying here. She’s afraid that if i start working I’ll get used to that lifestyle and not study.

My brother on the other hand said that I’m not stupid, and no matter where I go and as long as I like what I’m doing I’ll do fine.

My dad’s best friend once told me. The first 25 years of your life is studying to get a good education and a good degree so that the next 25 years you can work and make your money. Then the last 25 years you can retire and chill out.

Its time for me to make the best of my 25 years. No matter the path.


14 thoughts on “Future Perfect?

  1. Dude, that kinda sucks.
    But I’m sure you’ll do well whatever you do.
    Get into a field where you can make enough money, not too sure how much graphic designing will get you.
    How about going into advertising?
    For a start at least…

  2. You always have the option to work and study. It’s how much you want to split between the two along with social life as well 🙂 besides whts the point of making if you don have time to spend it.

    When you getting into the work field with no experience or technical know’s its better to have not much expectations on money and job prospect. go out there, try what makes you happy.

    goood luck..

  3. yeah you can always work and study. and there are cheaper ways of getting a degree right here in SL. you can try for a schol for further studies later on. either way, theres a lot of opportunity if u only have the diligence to look. good luck!

  4. i’m sorry to hear that. it really, really sucks, but it’s all about what’s practical at the end of the day. going to uni abroad is an amazingly unique experience… one of them character-building things. doing a degree locally just doesn’t match up, but it sounds like that’s what makes sense financially for you right now. you can always go abroad for an MA or something once you’ve saved up a bit. there’s still a lot of choices out there! if you’re seriously looking into graphic design you could try the academy of design or something similar that gives you an international degree. but like the others have said, whatever happens, make sure you have a passion for whatever you choose to do. good luck!

  5. @ fallen : i just got back from my second interview at an advertising firm. So hopefully i can get in there and start.

    @ Dee : Thing is dee, this country doesn’t have the degree im looking for. The uni i was planning to go to has the perfect degree. If you know me and you look at the course breakdown you will simply say that this course is for me.

    @ Lost Soul : Yes money is hard to get by with no qualifications. Its getting harder and harder to get jobs these days. And yes there must be an equal split between work life and social life.

    @ whackster : yes but again, not the degree that i want to do.

    @ sam : University was my ticket outta here. to change a new and fresh. staying here has been a bit of trouble. i mean i love sl and all that. but its always good to see something new. especially at this time of your life. AOD is a full time degree. I wanna work as well.


    • hmm… judging from the above comment I think your best bet might be to work until AOD’s next intake and then get a job at HSBC working night shifts. Doubt you can manage that though.
      But good luck with whatever you choose!
      how about we meet up for a beer sometime?
      it’s been ages man!

      • I went for a job interview today. Im going to work and study in the night. Opposite to what you suggested.
        And yes we should meet up. I need you to sign the painting that you painted for me ages back. The tree. I’m putting it up in my room after I paint it and I thought it needs your signature.
        Give me a buzz aite? I have no idea what number you use now…

  6. Hey
    Sucking situation! So what’s the degree you wanted to do? But you know, dude, something is better than nothing! So, why not do a part time degree while working?
    Anywayz, all the very best luck!!!

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